August 2, 2008

MR Thoughts /New Layout of the month.

Thoughts of Moonlight Renosance : So Far


SzeKei Jea : (Hor Ma) : Omg I felt so bad and sad for Hor Ma. She tried everything she could to help support the family. She had good instincts too. From episode 1, It started out as Joe Ba and Hor Ma going to court and getting a divorce. & trying to see who can be able to keep the 6 children : Ga,Ho,Yeut, Yuen Hing, Chong, Chau. At the court room scene I started to cry. I couldn't believe was that When she asked Joe Ba about some questions about the kids, He didn't have a clue what she was saying. I was thinking: "How can you not know what your own kids like or what they want?" <-That part made me a bit angry..But overall Szekei Jea did a well good job. Good thing she was able to have 3 of the 6 children (not including Linda [Chau]) to help support her and keep her stable. I really like Szekei role in this story because eventhough there not much Golden sayings in this series there is at least some 'Gag' jokes for us to entertain and laugh about. =D

Ha Yu ( Joe Ba) : This character is okay., though, the series doesn't really show much of his appearence much in the I guess he can be said as a unknown character to the family..but..He seems a bit lost on everything. Like if it pertains to his kids and such he would always ignore them and make Hor Ma be responsable for everything. But I liked the 'Bao Bao' that was from Heart of Greed the best. He at least had a good role and really cared alot for the children.

Susana Kwan (Sa Yee) : She hasn't changed a bit. From the first series of HOG she is still the annoying type who get on peoples nerves alot and has to be in many peoples business. For this series I disliked her character. She is so annoying stubborn and picky. She always like to be in other peoples privacy a lot when she says that others can't be in her privacy stuff. She is also so Selfish. She cares only about herself and about the money. Even though now she plays as SzeKei Jea sister, I still find her annoying and a bit Bitchy(excuse the language).

Moses Chan(Ah Ga/Ah Ka) : This guys is so funny. =D I love his new look in MR it suits him so well. He is so cutee to. He makes these funny expressions and tries to be cute. Compared to HOG I of Dak Dak Dei, he is still the cute and older brother type who would love to watch over mainly is for stocks. Even though he doesn't really care bout much on the family or so..he still at least has the decency to come and visit Hor Ma a lot. I also like the outfit he wears and the glasses too =) it so cutee =)

Raymond Lam (Ah Ho/Goon Ga Jai) : Raymond Character is also so cute he is the 2nd son in the family and loves to watch out a lot for his family too. He is more responsiable to every family members, and loves to watch out for others. He is described as a caring heart brother. He always loves to look after his siblings and Mother, & Grandfather a lot. He really shares a good sibling bond with Ah Yeut and Ah Hing too. It was cute though when they all kept making fun of Sa Yee and doing sign language with each other.

Tavia Yeung (Ah Yeut) : She is the adopted daughter of Hor Ma/Ha Yu. She is described as one of the strongest daughter in the family. She is more independent and loves to do things on her own. She has a good bond with Ah Hing and they two have really good communication skills with each other. Ah Yeut loves to go out a lot and help others. She also has a lot of arguing scenes with Sa Yee because Sa Yee kept calling her a 'Law Lui' meaning a person who just got picked up from the street and brought home. but anyways yeah.

Lai Lok Yi (Ah Yuen) : His character is a bit unknown though compared to HOG I of Ah Foon, He cares more about his girlfriend then his family for MR. but futher more he quite okay.

Fala Chan (Ah Hing) : Her characte is a mute character. She does alot of Sign language in MR and Compared to HOG I of Ah Yen I can say is that she developed to be more of a lady like in MR then the little girl of the family in HOG I. I felt a bit bad for her character because she couldn't really communicate well with others outside of her family but when she is around Ah Yuet and Ah Ho sometimes, She feels bit better and can be able to show her feelings around them because she knows only they understand her mostly out of the siblings.

Vincent Wan (Ah Chong/Chong Jai) : He is the new character in the story. He is the youngest child. For now I know, His character is more quiet and can't really express his feeling much around his family. esp. Hor Ma. He always seems to hide his feelings and problems inside of him. He feels that sometimes he is very 'new/outsider' to the family.

Linda Chung (Ah Chau) : I don't really like her character. Seems like she doesn't have much appearence time in the beginning of the MR series. Though when they showed about Ah Ho and Her together as kids I find it very cute but as adults their scenes are rather boring to me.

Michelle Yim (Ah Hong/Hong Yi) : I can't really say she can really play a villian character. She seems more of a Auntie to the kids then a villian. I liked it better is when she was Auntie Lei then the evil villian which took over Susana role..but all will be revealed later on ...

Supporting Cast :
They are well acted and performed good. One TVB vetern who plays Ha Yu mother. Lee Heung Kam. She is quite a stubborn one. She really cares alot for her grandchildren. She dislikes Szekei Jea and thinks that she would try to hurt them any way possiable. but to me I think Sze Kei Jea treats her children as treasure then trash.

So far this is what I have to say about the characters so far. The rest of them did a pretty good job so far..More climax and problems will soon be revealed as we continue to watch the MR movie but I say MR is getting better and more exciting every time =D. Hopefully this series will be one of the outstanding ones like HOG I in 2007. Since this is one of the Grand production of 2008, I have a good feeling everyone will enjoy it. =D I know I will for sure =D

New layout:: featuring Raymond Lam
I was trying to find one for MR to make as a Banner..but cant really find one..and don't really have a program to make yeah..i guess this will do for now..=T.
Music : Peach Blosson Ink.
Lyrics : by TVB-Hotspot.
We'll hope everyone enjoy it =D


August 1, 2008

TVB : Legend of Demigods.

Linda Chung钟嘉欣
Benny Chan 陈浩民
Sunny Chan 陈锦鸿
Tam Siu Wan 谭小环
Wu Ting Yan 胡定欣
Stephen Au 欧锦棠
Wai Ying Hung 惠英红
Annabelle Liew 刘晓彤

TVB Release Date: August 25, 2008
Astro On Demand Release Date: August 18, 2008
Episodes: 44 (TVB - each episode 20minutes) , 22 (AOD - each episode 40minutes)

Synopsis (Credits: AOD)
A classic fairy story infused with the latest CGI technology,
It depicts a fight among human, the immortals and the evil spirits!

Influenced by her mother, who has transformed into a magic herb, a cheerful young lady GWAI CHOI-CHI (Linda Chung) has become a demigod. As a child, SHEK KAM-DONG (Chan Ho Man, Benny) was constantly bullied. Wong Tai Sin (literal translation: Great Immortal Wong) pitied him and he has since become a man of unusual physical strength. AN HEI (Chan Kam Hung, Sunny) is always sleepy because of a curse that has put on his family. Once, his body has accidentally been rested upon by the God of Sword (Au Kam Tong, Stephen) and he has become the master of swordplay since.

The three of them are good friends. They are determined to wipe out the Grand Wizard (Tam Siu Wan). With each of them having an extraordinary power, will they be able to make it and bring peace to human?

Pictures (Credits: AOD)

Ending Theme Song by Linda Chung - Swear (CD version)
(Duration: 3:16minutes / Size: 2.99MB / MP3)

Thoughts : From the look of the pictures & Title, i have a good feeling that this drama will be a good one. I love Lindas outfit & appearence look =) looks so cutee too =) I am so going to watch this drama series when it airs. Been waiting so long for it haha =)

[Credits to :Waiteng86 for the little summary and pictures =)]

Theme Video :
Linda Chung : Swear


July 31, 2008

Moonlight Renosance : episode 4

Hello agains =)
Sorry everyone I just couldn't resist not updateing on Moonlight Renosance Drama. it is so sadd. =(
I have watched up to episode 4 so far.
OMG this episode was so saddd =( I cried most of the time. =(

Well here what I have to say about the episode..
[May contain Spoilers for those who didn't get to see it yet]

I can see that in this episode it showed more bonding between Ray, Tavia & Fala.
It is the first time that Fala has decided to go out from the bakery and start to work in a OL office job near Tavia workplace. The episode starts out at the bakery but then as it progress, Ray is helping Fala out to find a job. When he finally helped her, Fala and Ray goes to the interview.

At the interview, As Fala doing the sign languages, Ray translates some of the sign language phrases to them. He mentions about how raymond had always been there for her and also Hor Ma too. Here are something that got me a bit emotional that I started to cry a bit::

Raymond : "I don't really have any interests or likings in particular."
Raymond : The only person that understands me and really cares about me is my brother & mom. When I was little, had an exam test. I took the test and found out that the result turned out that I had a 25% on it. I got so sad that I wanted to cry..but I told myself that I shouldn't. One time in the school yard, My brother saw me looking sad and unhappy..that he came over to me and tried to cheer me up. He also told me that if I wanted to cry, I should cry it all out..."
Raymond : "As I was crying, My teacher came up to me and saw me that I was crying so much that she thought my brother was making fun of me or teasing me. I tried to get up to explain the whole situation to her with my hand motions. My teacher started to tell my brother to stay in the yard for about whole hour till playtime is over, & made him write a 100x - I will not tease or make fun of my sister again." -This part made me cry so much.

another scene is with Tavia.
Their bonding of sisterhood is really good and cute. Seemed like Tavia & Fala were really best friends. they could understand each other so well and knew what each other was talking about.
One scene is were Fala was getting up for the first day of work..:
Fala pulls out the covers from Tavia : "Wake up time for work!"
The family goes for morning tea and heads to the bus stop.
@the bus stop Szekei Jea, Raymond, Tavia & the grandfather was at the stop line. Fala enters the Bus and turns around facing her family.
The Family does sign Language: "Don't Be afraid..& Don't Give up!" Fala started to get a bit blushy.


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July 30, 2008

Last Update for July..

Hello there everyone =)
I'm just here to write down a few things hehe...
Today is the last day I will be updating until prolly mid-August because Some things have came up in my family....
So I will still be on but not updating....Hopefully When I update nexttime some new things will come up for me to update..
Anyways So far like I said...I have been watching Moonlight Renosance (episode 1-3) so far..Hopefully episode 4 and so forth will come up soon..but yeah...
When A Dog Love Cat series is okay..but somewhat Im getting tired of the show..nothing new happens only talk bout the pets..but yeah..hopefully when I see it later on it be good....
So yeah. Anyways Right now I have to get back into packing my things before I am going to move into a new house again...(going to be the 4th time la)....=T.....
Hopefully after this time...We don't have to move anymore la....can't adults just stick to one thing..instead of changing so much ah??...sighs but yeah...Anyways Ill update later on when I have a chance...for now please leave comments & Such in the boxxiee on the side please
Thanks =)


July 29, 2008

Thoughts of Moonlight Renosance (Episode 1-2)

Moonlight Renosance Episodes 1-2

I have been able to watch episodes 1-2 of Moonlight Renosance [thanks to Smcafirst =)]....
Anyways I have watched episodes 1-2 and it so exciteing.

Episode 1 :This episode is just the beginning episode when they introduced the characters. They showed some clips of the children when they were young and when Ha Yu, Susana, Michelle Yim, & Szekei Jea were young too. Jack looked so cute with the glasses on.[when he was holding a marriage scene with Shirley to represent Ha Yu and Szekei Jea]. But yeah. though, the younger versions of Susana, Michelle Yim and the Gong Gong was bit funny, especially the outfits. like the 70s style heehe. Anyways As 10 years later passed, the Airport scene shows and shows that the kids had grown up and that yeah.the bakery had good business too.

Episode 2:
This is where Linda shows up from 10 years later from her studies from England. She and Raymond had met and started to catch up on the old times. It was so cutee when they showed the past lives of themselves and what they had been doing and stuff. But yeh. Susana on the other hand was soo nosy and annoying. She couldn't stop complaining and talking from the first episode. It was as if everything was all her business and such but yeah. Anyways as Episode 2 develops, Each character was brought up...the other children had not been developed or shown yet so I guess it will be coming soon.

Thoughts : Alll in all it was a good begining can't wait to see more =) I like Ray & Tavia in scenes because they were both acting cute and doing sign language in front of their aunt with Fala that got Sa Yee so crazy and thinking they were saying bad things to but yeah. Anyways so far up to here..I will put more thoughts toward the movie later on.... =)

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