September 4, 2008

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September 2, 2008

Top 3 Debut Albums [in stores now]

Raymond Lam 2nd Debut Album : [credits to K for TVB]--

The CD will include the following songs:
01. 愛不疚 (TVB劇集「溏心風暴之家好月圓」片尾曲)
Love with No Regrets (Subthemesong of [Moonlight Resonance])
02. 愛人與海
Lover and Sea
03. Tonight
04. 明天以後 (林峰 / 泳兒合唱)
After tomorrow (duet with Vincy Chan)
05. 憑良心說再見
Saying goodbye with conscience
06. 影子的愛情故事
The shadow’s love story
07. 浮生若水 (TVB劇集「太極」片尾曲)
Life like water (Subtheme of [The Master of Tai Chi])
08. All About Your Love
09. 夏雪
Summer Snow
10. 明天以後 (國語) (林峰 / 泳兒合唱)
After tomorrow (Mandarin - duet with Vincy Chan)


Linda Chung 1st Debut Album:[re-edit/post]--
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The CD will include the Following :
01. 一人晚餐
02. 二人世界
03. 我不懂你
04. 火柴天堂
05. 過山車
06. 其實我不快樂
07. 浪漫無聲
08. 有沒有她
09. 你不懂我的心 (國語)
10. 我不快樂 (國語)

01. 一人晚餐 MV
02. 二人世界 MV


TVB 1st Debut Album[credits to google]--

2008 : Love TV 情歌精选
Love TV 情歌精选
The CD will include the Following songs from Lastest TVB singles.:

01 无心害你 关菊英 TVB剧集《溏心风暴之家好月圆》主题曲
02 最美丽的第七天 郑嘉颖 TVB剧集《最美丽的第七天》主题曲
03 再见 汪明荃/农夫 TVB剧集《野蛮奶奶大战戈师奶》主题曲
04 小故事 马浚伟/钟嘉欣 TVB剧集《金石良缘》主题曲
05 I'm So In Love With You 廖碧儿 TVB剧集《舞动全城》主题曲
06 和你的每一天 林保怡 TVB剧集《妙手仁心III》片尾曲
07 心领 林峰/钟嘉欣 TVB剧集《溏心风暴》插曲
08 深情 吕方 TVB剧集《建筑有情天》主题曲
09 禁恋 佘诗曼 TVB剧集《凤凰四重奏》片尾曲
10 幸而 胡杏儿 TVB剧集《乱世佳人》主题曲
11 爱平凡 郑嘉颖 TVB剧集《飞短留长父子兵》主题曲
12 实情 廖碧儿 TVB剧集《人间蒸发》主题曲
13 赐我一死 陈豪 TVB剧集《通天乾探》片尾曲
14 只需要你 杨思琦 TVB剧集《人生马戏团》主题曲
15 蝶变 佘诗曼 TVB剧集《凤凰四重奏》主题曲
16 心心相印 钟嘉欣 TVB剧集《迎妻接福》主题曲
17 讲不出声 关菊英 TVB剧集《溏心风暴》主题曲

Comments : I soo want to own all these 3 Debut albums..but then me too poor to get them or don't want to waste any money for it..but i guess listening to them will be okay Don't chu say? =D


Raymond Lam Stuns Fans

Raymond Stuns Fans At Handshake Event

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Raymond Lam (林峯) leaves a starstruck young fan quite stunned during a handshaking event, 30 August 2008, Yuen Long, Hong Kong. Raymond was amused by the unusual event and had prepared his hands in advance by putting on plenty of handcream.

31 August 2008
Emma Lam

Raymond Lam (林峯) appeared at a "handshaking event" at Yuen Long Plaza yesterday, where he was met by a big group of fans who were there to show their support.

After performing three songs on the stage, Raymond came into close contact with some lucky fans who were allowed to come and shake his hand. The fans reacted in a number of different ways - one mother offered her baby son's hand for Raymond to shake, some were very shy and covered their faces with their cardboard signs and one girl seemed so starstruck that she froze still.

Asked what he thought about the event, Raymond smiled it was quite unusual and he had prepared his hands beforehand by putting on hand cream to make sure that they were soft for his fans to touch.

Raymond will be releasing his second album next month and after his earlier duet in Mandarin with Vincy Chan (泳兒), he expressed a wish to release a Mandarin album soon that will hopefully take him into the mainland and South East Asian markets.

Asked how he felt about the rising ratings for his series Moonlight Resonance <家好月圓>, Raymond replied that he was very happy and many of the veteran stars in the show will be hosting celebratory dinners, but he hopes that it will be his turn to take everyone out soon.

credits to :

Comments : Quite funny how the fans reacted to the hand shake. Some even probably just froze or fainted haha. Ray soo cute putting on the hand cream for the fans to shake because he wanted to make his hands 'soft' for the fans to touch and shake =). If I was there I quickly just ask for handshake, and make him take pics and sign autograph =). Aside from that can't wait to see his new album come out I hope I can get it =)


September 1, 2008

《 家 好 月 圓 》: Episode 32 Spoilers

《 家 好 月 圓 》 下 周 大 奸 角 現 真 身


   正在熱播的《溏心風暴之家好月圓》,下周將播映28至32集,徐子珊在下周戲分頗多,她扮演菊姐女兒路嘉美,為了上位一直引誘陳豪。於28集中楊怡原本 與阿卡(陳豪)與阿月(楊怡)到夏威夷公幹,不過嘉美(徐子珊)刻意破壞二人,借故幫阿月辦簽證而扯爛對方護照,令自己成功與阿卡結伴往夏威夷公幹。之後 嘉美將與阿卡的親密合照Email給阿月看,示威之餘更對她說:「妳早轁啦!」最後嘉美與阿卡拍起拖來。

  其後阿月發 現一張由小朋友寄來的明信片,該小朋友更稱呼莎姨(菊姐)為「疖疖」,阿月經調查下懷疑嘉美有私生子,不過莎姨辯稱是嘉美助養的,又反指阿月偽造文件調查 她們,令阿月不忿怒摑家美,荷媽(司棋姐)以為阿月屈嘉美,反摑阿月一巴。事後阿月寫信給荷媽,承認做錯及深愛阿卡。未幾,阿卡發現嘉美真的有私生子,由 於覺得被欺騙而忍痛提出分手,並說:「妳是我拍過4次拖最有Feel的,不過我懐已經完鰦!」不過嘉美仍深心不憤,於31集她搵來揚明扮演其前夫,夾計 「演戲」給阿卡看,嘉美博同情話被前夫威脅拿錢,結果阿卡與揚明發生爭執,期間阿卡摸覑心口表情痛楚,似是為有心臟病,埋下伏铫。

  於 32集,嘉美到阿卡家中,還錢外又扮暈倒,阿卡送嘉美到醫院,不過自己也暈倒,嘉美發現阿卡仍愛自己,更於醫院吻起他來,不過嘉美最後也放棄與阿卡一起, 更打算與紅姨同一陣铫。嘉美不但搶人女友,連自己阿媽也不幫,事緣莎姨於廁所內挑釁紅姨,她更怒摑紅姨一巴,不過莎姨扮被掌摑,而嘉美更踢爆莎姨打人先。 至於紅姨的奸計慢慢被余君麗(琴姐)發現,君麗遂與管家仔(林㗖)一起搜查證據,不過君麗不支病倒,及後更暈低。至於于素秋(鍾嘉欣)、凌至信(黃宗澤) 感情仍糾纏不清,至信女友(姚嘉妮)已知道素秋的存在。

credits to Ming Pao.


August 31, 2008

2008 Movie : PlayBoy Cops 花花型警

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Chinese title:《花花型警》
Title: Playboy Cops
Released: 28 February 2008
Genre: Action / Drama
Director: Jingle Ma
Producer: Catherine Hun

Shawn Yue
Shaun Tam
Linda Chung
Aloys Chen

Two very different crime-busters are linked together by a murder case.

Mainland's former policeman Lincoln, whose brother was robbed and killed, comes to Hong Kong in search for the murderer. Michael, a rich kid as well as a local cop, always disobeys his supervisor's orders. At one time, he even uses his private helicopter to chase after a suspect. This caused him to be suspended from duty.

At first, Michael doesn't care about Lincoln, who is a bumpkin in his eyes, but when he knows Lincoln is his ex-girlfriend Lisa's admirer, his bursts into anger and asks him to leave Lisa alone. In order to shrug him off, Michael promises to offer his help in searching for the murderer.

As the son of a Hong Kong millionaire, Michael spends a lot of money to build up the strongest informant network. This allows easy access to the latest news and secrets from the underworld. Lincoln, having inherited his brother's club house business, also does not need to worry about money. Being a meticulous guy, Lincoln enjoys chatting with different people, and is good at finding out clues from the conversations. The two guys with very different investigating methods work together and eventually track down a key person named "Rat"!

Comments : I find this movie to be okay. I was quite surprised that the murder of the brother would be that 'geeky guy' with the glasses..he is like so scary and freaky when he planed his schemes and hurt a lot of people even Linda!. Linda shouldn't have gotten hurt..Poor girl =T..Yet I got to say, Linda did quite okay acting in this movie. I loved the hair style she had. Yet also I felt so bad for Shawn. He didn't deserve to diee!..I was hoping that Linda and Shawn would have a happier ending and that Linda would tell Shawn that she liked him instead of the other dude. But all in all..She went for the other dude instead. Poor Shawn. =T. Anyways. This movie was okay it had alot of fighting and action..though it was just too little relationship thing going on. The director should've given Shawn more screen time and also a chance for him to try to win Linda back and convince her that she likes him. But sad ending at the end. The story should have been stretched longer. -.- Everything just happened too fast too.

Rating : ****

Note : I didn't quite notice Eric Tsang here it like he barely showed up in the drama -.-...but anyways yeah.