June 25, 2008

My Summer So Far....

This Year, My summer started early. I just finished my first year of college and so far it okay. Not much happened when I was in college. but yeah. I met some good friends in college too. (mainly Freshmans) They were all so nice. Sometimes I would be by myself because of the classes that some of my friends had to take...Now thinking about college make me feel like I am so not ready...For my first Semester of College, I was a bit lost and confused. Everyday as I worked on my homeworks, and studied for Exams I would be lazy and not do them. But yeah. So for now I am on my summer break..sighs. I still need to look for a job soon..Everyone I know (High School friends) all have summer jobs or things that they are planning to do before school starts... :( as for me..I got no clue what to do....Though I don't want to waste my summer at home while others are out there doing something but yeah...Hopefully everything goes well..=T.


June 24, 2008

TVB Drama : Love Exchange

I'm really looking forward to this Drama because it has my 2 favorite cast memebers : Anita Yuan & Micheal Miu. I have seen the Previews and it looks very interesting. I like the characters that they play and actually a Crime-type storyline. Hopefully I wont get disappointed on it. As always, these two TVB members look soo cute together. Especially Micheal =)

Rating (hoping : 10/10)

Credits : K for TVB for poster.

Cast: Michael Miu, Anita Yuen Wing Yi, Crystal Tin, Power Chan ,Mandy Cho, Tracy Yip, Lo Yuen Yan, Lam Tze Sin
Episode: 20
Producer: Wong Wai Sing
Scriptwriter: Lo Mei Wan & Leung Yan Tung


When romance is dead, everything turns terrible and destructive.

A man and a woman are found dead inside a car. SIT CHI YIU (Anita Yuen) learns that the man is her husband, LING HO LEUNG (Eddie Kwan Lai Kit), and the woman is called FONG CHEUK LING (Angela Tong). While YIU is devastated by her husband’s death, she is also heartbroken to come to know that he had an affair. YIU LAP TIN (Michael Miu), a friend of LEUNG’s from school, shows up out of the blue and he cares a great deal about her. Later, YIU discovers that TIN, who works for a security firm, is in fact LING’s husband and that he is not a friend of LEUNG in the least.

No one brings home the bacon since LEUNG died. Fortunately, LEUNG’s boss, TSU YEUK-YUE (Power Chan), has found YIU a job at the insurance company they work at. Although her supervisor, CHING NGO-YEE (Crystal Tin), means to make things difficult for her, YIU takes it all. This makes YEE change her view on YIU and the two have become good friends. YIU wants to get over her pain and stand on her own two feet but TIN is determined to find out about the truth of LEUNG and LING’s deaths. YIU has no choice but to give him a hand. However, the deeper they dig into the case, the more mysterious they find it. YIU cannot even judge who is friend and who is foe.

June 23, 2008

TVB Drama : Eternal Happiness Vs Lofty Waters & Verdant Bow.


This was the first drama I seen Michelle & Raymond act together. They really had chemistry in this series. I know that it was their both 1st ancient series together. I was bit suprised how it turned out. I liked the Roles Raymond played. He was bit funny. Though I felt bad for him because everytime something happened, He would always be the last one to know. His character more gentlemen like, and kinda goofy looking. He gets tricked easily by Michelle a lot. On the other hand, Michelle more of an open person she loves challenges and can show the men that whatever they can do she can also do as well. Ray-Mich relationship is very interesting. highly recommend it.

Rating : 10/10

Themesong : Live Again by Kelly Chen. Subsong : Remember to Forget by Raymond Lam.



This Series was also a Ray-Mich series. They have so much good chemistry together. =D. I liked the way Everytime Raymond was talking to Rain Li, Michelle would always feel jealous and say random things that make Ray feel bit confused and goofy looking. For this series, I found the costumes very interesting. Especially Michelle Costume. This series was a Love-Triangle between Rain Li, Raymond Lam, and Michelle Yip. Their scenes all together was soo cutee. I felt bad for Rain though at some times cause she would feel lonely a lot and when she needs Raymond by her side, Michelle ends up becoming jealous and needs Raymond as well leaving Poor Raymond in the middle.

The thing I didn't like much about the series is the ending. MICHELLE DIED! :sniff: I didn't want her to diee!...but yeah. she dies anyways. boo.

Rating : 10/10 --More interesting then Eternal Happiness a bit. & have more bit funny parts.

Themesong : Unknown By Raymond Lam

Lastest TVB Dramas /TV Dramas {Seen Before}



I REALLY LOVE THIS SERIES OVERALL. It has more case cracking detailed Crime investigations and each Caster portrayed their acting soo neatly and professionally. They also take allow you to experience some real in-Depth Cases.

Overall, this TV Series was one of the Best Crime Scene shows that I have watched So Far. It More Original and has alot of good crimes that keep the watchers guessing about what is going to happen soon.

Rating - 10/10


This is also a CSI type of Series. They are also professional. Overall this series is okay. But compared to the presequal, I find the 1st Season more interesting. They act more on the Cases then the relationships.

Casting Thoughts::
They all acted very well and very Professional as well. They each did a good job and really portrayed their Character well. Well done =)

Rating : 8/10

Bobby (Tim Sir) : I really loved his acting in this series and the 1st Season. He is so fit to play those Scientist or Forensic Roles.
GIBSON (CSI) : Hes also very Professional too. I loved how he was concentrating on every case and step by looking up good evidence.
^Both These People did soo good with the Forensics. They actually knew what they were doing and really got down to the cases. These are the best casts i love soo far in this.




I find this Drama very sadd =( It tells about the women during the Ancient times. Mainly Men were the ones in charge of the familys and Women didn't have any say in anything. When I first saw this movie, I thought it was okay I was about to give up after few episodes but as i saw it, I got more excited. I wanted to continue it to see what will happen next. Seeing the women suffer back then makes me think that I am very lucky now myself to havve been able to have freedom and live in a society where Women & Men are equal.

Casting :
The casts really did a good job especially Christine Ng (3rd Wife), Nancy Sit (1st Wife), & Shirley Yeung (Chow Gook). These three women did very good job and nice. I was supprised at Paul Chan Character & Ng Gwok Wah Character too. Never imagined them playing opposite roles. =O But still they did pretty well.
Rating : 9/10

THEME SONG : ACCEPT FATE By Ivana Wang& Saying By Nancy Sit.