May 8, 2008

Anime & Manga

Today i was going through the internet and found some really cool MVs that I loved. During my search, I found some good anime and Manga things. Even though I dont really like Anime or manga..I found myself getting to start to like it a bit. I asked my friend Xiao for some good Anime tittles. To my suprise I found out that everyone is starting to like that Anime : Vampire Knight. I ask myself..what so good about it??..Why everyone liking it?..lols. but yeah. I watched some old childhood cartoons such as Sailor Moon, Inuyasha, etc. It was okay but kind of i switched to watching now Alvin and the Chipmunks. (not anime or manga just a movie) I listened to some of their Music Videos, and looked so cutee the way they danced and sang. I was like soo laughing and kept saying to myself : "They so cutee" lols. I find some Chipmunks version songs cute. I cant believe they can even sing in Mandarin!..0.0. I was a but flattered. haha. but yeah. I guess it was okay. Come to thinking of Manga and Anime, My sister and brother (both younger) love these things. I ask myself..Am I starting to be like them also?...haha. but yeah. Maybe i guess so. Well for now ill see how it goes.