April 27, 2008

TVB drama : A Journey Called Life & Catch Me Now.

TVB drama : A Journey Called Life & Catch Me Now.

A Journey Called Life:

I really loved this drama because it was so meaningful and very lessonable. I learned how family and importance of love friendship and family really means to a person. No matter what you do wrong in life the only people that will ever forgive you is your family. I felt really touched by this series because it made me realize that nomatter how big or how far away you are to your family, those are the people that will always look after you and be there if you ever need help. For friends it about the same thing. theyll always support you but it up to you to make your own decisions. they can be able to give you advice..but they wont always help you with the problem. Everything is up to you and for you to decide and solve.

The couple of Steven and Linda really amazed me after seeing their performance in VOH 2, I really felt a bit suprised on how their acting really improved as a couple. At first in VOH2, I thought they were just ordinary next door neighbors but after i saw the chemistry of them in AJCL i was a bit shocked Especially for Linda. She really improved alot. o.O

Catch Me Now :

I just started to watch this drama so it okay. Not much happened so far but i can tell this drama was more of a Cat catching mouse thing. hehe. but yeah. As always another police chasing robber game lols. but yeah so far it pretty good so ill keep note of how it is. for now...it all okay.