September 2, 2008

Raymond Lam Stuns Fans

Raymond Stuns Fans At Handshake Event

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Raymond Lam (林峯) leaves a starstruck young fan quite stunned during a handshaking event, 30 August 2008, Yuen Long, Hong Kong. Raymond was amused by the unusual event and had prepared his hands in advance by putting on plenty of handcream.

31 August 2008
Emma Lam

Raymond Lam (林峯) appeared at a "handshaking event" at Yuen Long Plaza yesterday, where he was met by a big group of fans who were there to show their support.

After performing three songs on the stage, Raymond came into close contact with some lucky fans who were allowed to come and shake his hand. The fans reacted in a number of different ways - one mother offered her baby son's hand for Raymond to shake, some were very shy and covered their faces with their cardboard signs and one girl seemed so starstruck that she froze still.

Asked what he thought about the event, Raymond smiled it was quite unusual and he had prepared his hands beforehand by putting on hand cream to make sure that they were soft for his fans to touch.

Raymond will be releasing his second album next month and after his earlier duet in Mandarin with Vincy Chan (泳兒), he expressed a wish to release a Mandarin album soon that will hopefully take him into the mainland and South East Asian markets.

Asked how he felt about the rising ratings for his series Moonlight Resonance <家好月圓>, Raymond replied that he was very happy and many of the veteran stars in the show will be hosting celebratory dinners, but he hopes that it will be his turn to take everyone out soon.

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Comments : Quite funny how the fans reacted to the hand shake. Some even probably just froze or fainted haha. Ray soo cute putting on the hand cream for the fans to shake because he wanted to make his hands 'soft' for the fans to touch and shake =). If I was there I quickly just ask for handshake, and make him take pics and sign autograph =). Aside from that can't wait to see his new album come out I hope I can get it =)



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