August 24, 2008


..On Hiatus....I wont be online for a while..well on writing this blog mainly...since some things have come yeah leave messege on the cbox if you like =)
Re-edit [8.24.08]=9:00pm

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01 一人晚餐
02 二人世界
03 我不懂你
04 火柴天堂
05 過山車
06 其實我不快樂
07 浪漫無聲
08 有沒有她
09 你不懂我的心 (國語)
10 我不快樂 (國語)

They have the CD out since August 20th [release date] I have listened to some songs online..but I wanted to buy it myself but then I'm broke so I guess I have to wait until I am actually have somewhat money to buy one. Though I still support Linda for her album and her acting skills as well. =) I'm also still waiting for Raymond to release his 2nd album[not sure when that is..-.-] but when it comes out I'll buy both albums by then. =) For now I can just listen to the Demos online hehehe..but yeah. Anyways Support Linda by buying her album I know some of you Linda fans would =) lols. Anyways I have not much to for now..Ill try to not update so much instead Ill be concentrating more on school, work, & planning what I want to do for my future =) until then Have a great time and thanks for visiting =)



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