August 22, 2008

Moonlight Renonsance : Eps (17-18)-Thoughts

Moonlight Renosance Episode 17-18

Episode 17:
This episode was a nice episode..Moses did a good job at telling things to Hung Yi and telling the truth to Yuen Jai as well. Moses revealed the truth on Hung Yi and her evil schemes that made Yuen Jai change his mind about his mother. I was quite happy the way Moses yelled at Hung Yi and talking about all those things..I was practically rooting for Moses. hehe. On that note, the relationship btwn Ray and Linda getting even cuter. They flashbacked to the time they were kids and thought about the times they had together. I was tearing when those scene showed up =(. Luckily as they got to Adult, they still act like kids and make fun of each other hahaa.My thought for this episode was cheering and a bit sad..but they all did pretty well. At first the kids were argueing about the way they see Hung Yi as a bad person but to Yuen Jai she was good. But to me I have to agree with the kids if I were them because whatever Hung Yi tries to do to hurt Hor Ma family, She would always use the kids as a way of treating them good and well..but in real words she trying to hurt the family to get what she wants. All in All it was yet a good episode and yet I felt bit proud of Moses the way he talked to Hung Yi and making Yuen Jai realize who is the real mother and who really treats him well.

Episode 18:

This episode focused on Ah Hing and Kelvin relationship. I teared and cried so much for them =(. It took a long way for both of them to keep their relationship well. At first when they were meeting each other, I had a bit anger for the way Kelvin mom had judged Ah Hing and saying that she cant speak. Hor Ma then said some few words to Kelvin mom that made Kelvin mom have a change of heart. Kelvin and Hing then met again and started to email and SMS each other for long time. When Kelvin Mom saw, she then had a change of heart and went to meet with Gam family. She told Hing about what she thought and her feelings [that scene made me soo proud and made me teared as well]. Hing then understood her meaning and now Kelvin and Hing is finally engaged.
My thought of this episode made me realize that you can't judge a person by the way they are but how they other words it not what the outside that counts, but what the inside it counts as well. I was very happy that Kelvin and Hing got engaged. they had been through alot for each other and had been together since they met at the commerical area. But all in all I am very happy for them. Again Hor Ma did a good job by helping her daughter speak the truth and tried to make them change of heart =)
GO Hor Ma!!



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