August 31, 2008

2008 Movie : PlayBoy Cops 花花型警

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Chinese title:《花花型警》
Title: Playboy Cops
Released: 28 February 2008
Genre: Action / Drama
Director: Jingle Ma
Producer: Catherine Hun

Shawn Yue
Shaun Tam
Linda Chung
Aloys Chen

Two very different crime-busters are linked together by a murder case.

Mainland's former policeman Lincoln, whose brother was robbed and killed, comes to Hong Kong in search for the murderer. Michael, a rich kid as well as a local cop, always disobeys his supervisor's orders. At one time, he even uses his private helicopter to chase after a suspect. This caused him to be suspended from duty.

At first, Michael doesn't care about Lincoln, who is a bumpkin in his eyes, but when he knows Lincoln is his ex-girlfriend Lisa's admirer, his bursts into anger and asks him to leave Lisa alone. In order to shrug him off, Michael promises to offer his help in searching for the murderer.

As the son of a Hong Kong millionaire, Michael spends a lot of money to build up the strongest informant network. This allows easy access to the latest news and secrets from the underworld. Lincoln, having inherited his brother's club house business, also does not need to worry about money. Being a meticulous guy, Lincoln enjoys chatting with different people, and is good at finding out clues from the conversations. The two guys with very different investigating methods work together and eventually track down a key person named "Rat"!

Comments : I find this movie to be okay. I was quite surprised that the murder of the brother would be that 'geeky guy' with the glasses..he is like so scary and freaky when he planed his schemes and hurt a lot of people even Linda!. Linda shouldn't have gotten hurt..Poor girl =T..Yet I got to say, Linda did quite okay acting in this movie. I loved the hair style she had. Yet also I felt so bad for Shawn. He didn't deserve to diee!..I was hoping that Linda and Shawn would have a happier ending and that Linda would tell Shawn that she liked him instead of the other dude. But all in all..She went for the other dude instead. Poor Shawn. =T. Anyways. This movie was okay it had alot of fighting and action..though it was just too little relationship thing going on. The director should've given Shawn more screen time and also a chance for him to try to win Linda back and convince her that she likes him. But sad ending at the end. The story should have been stretched longer. -.- Everything just happened too fast too.

Rating : ****

Note : I didn't quite notice Eric Tsang here it like he barely showed up in the drama -.-...but anyways yeah.



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