July 19, 2008

Ah Sa & Ah Gil-Family love.

Charlene Choi's book about Fatherly love

Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) and accompanied by his father to the unveiling of her new book "Single's Love." They invited many good friends to write in the forward, including the twin's Gillian Chung (Ah Gill). Gillian' father passed way went she was little, but she can feel the love coming from Charlene's father to Charlene. Which made Charlene very touched.

Gillian said her family was very divided and broken, and she wasn't able to communicate with family. Therefore she joined and considered her family is the people in the entertainment circle. Meaning she consider the entertainment circle her family. After she joined the Twins she felt that she was accepted and has a feel family because Charlene's parents consider her a second daughter and consider all her feelings and hardships. Charlene's father knows that I really know what to say, he wrote a draft for to go by. And Charlene asked if she had one too? Suddenly Gillian feel fatherly love. After this she can totally feel the family love withing Charlene's family.

All proceeds are going to charitable companies.

Charlene grow up in a single parent home, but she doesn't feel unhappy about it. She hopes Gillan will have more people love her. She looked at Gillian's forward comments, and said her decision to write the book was correct. At this time, there are many family problems, especially in single parent homes. It's much easier to have communication problems between parent and child. She would like to share her father's experience as a single dad and how he management being a single dad. The book minus all the expenses, the rest will be donated to charities, next Thursday the 24 of July there will be new book signing, fans already have tickets in Hong Kong to show their support.

Source - Mingpao
Translator - GnYnot & timeless @ http://www.asianvn.com/

TVB Drama Love Exchange :Thoughts.

So far I have seen episodes 1-14.
It a pretty good drama. =)
Scenes that I liked the most was between Anita and Micheal. (They are soo cutee together).

Credits to : tvb.com/asianforums.net.

Scene : Where Micheal drives Anita Home.

Scene : When Micheal & Anita Bring Jacky Jai Shopping & As they shop, They were argueing over what to buy for Jacky Jai. (So cute)

Cast & Crew : Angela Tong, Micheal Miu, Anita Yeun Mandy Cho, Tracy Yip, Power Chan, Crystal Chan, etc.

Anita & Micheal taking pictures at the broad production of Love Exchange.


All in all this series was okay. But the scenes with Micheal and Anita were cutee. XD.

July 17, 2008

TVB Drama : When A Dog Loves A Cat《當狗愛上貓》


This is the new TVB series that will be aired on July 21st. This drama mainly focuses on Dogs and Cats. As you can see, Gallen Lo has made a good comeback into TVB and this will be his first show after returning to TVB for 10 years. When I saw the trailor, I really liked the communication between the Dog and the Cat It was soo cute. I wasn't so suprised that Myolie would be in it. Though this time it would be Myolie & Gallen 2nd time working together in a series. [Last Series was Golden Faith as Siblings] This time they will play as lover couples. [Can't really imagine that. I still find them as Siblings more nicer. (my opinion). But yeah

Cast :

Myolie Wu -Chow Zhi Yu
Gallen Lo - Miu Jun
David Liu - Margie Husband
Margie Tsang -David Wife
Bernice Liu (Guest) -Guest star
Wong Ho Sun - Myolie Boss

Synopsis: (credit to wikipedia)
Female lead, "Tse Yu" has a fairly large/well organized business with dogs, the entire family knows a lot about the animals, taking care of them with lots of love. One day, she brought home a dog from the street, his name is "Tai Ba." Unfortunately, Tai Ba carries a disease, and infected other dogs in the business, almost shutdown the dog pound. At the same time, Tse meets male lead, "Mui" and later realized that it was Mui who left Tai Ba on the street. As a result, Tse totally feels sick against Mui's actions, and the two of them are always fighting with each other.

Moreover, Tse found out that there was a story behind Mui's actions (leaving Tai Ba) while Mui meets Tai Ba's brother, Sui Ba. After taking Sui Ba home, and spending more time with him, Mui starts to realize the new meaning of life.

July 16, 2008

TVB Heart Of Greed [Ray-Linda-Moses-Cherry Scenes]

I am almost finished with watching Heart of Greed I. I have to say It is a good drama series that never got me off track. I finished about 3 episodes in 2 days! wow, Gosh..It is that interesting. =) Anyways I just got a few screen caps of Rayda Scenes that really got me touched. Ray shouldn't have died!. Poor guy..=(

Credits Go to K for TVB for screen caps =)

Raymond & Seung Joy Sum Scenes ::::

Raymond & Seung Joy Sum both reading & Writing Emails to one another.
[Such a cute sad scene. The Journal Scenes got me really touched. I cried every time they were writing to each other =(]

Raymond & Linda together.
[Raymond Is Soo cutee with Seung Joy Sum. Gosh If I was the main Girl cast and had taken place of Linda in the drama I would definately go for it! why? Cause It got a hot cute actor Raymond haha (drools) =P]

Raymond & Seung Joy Sum (Car Incident).
[This scene also touched me. =( I can tell that Linda really wanted to forgive Raymond, & really still loved him. I can also feel the way Ray felt when he saw how worried Linda was for him.]
Seung Joy Sum & Moses Scenes :::

Moses Comforting Seung Joy Sum.
[This scene was really touching. Moses was so sweet to Seung Joy Sum. He lended a shoulder to her to hug and cry on. Hes such as good friend. He was willing to do anything for her too. (friendwise) I know though, that Moses still liked Linda. But at least at the end they got to be together.]

Moses & Cherry Together.
[Aww They look so cutee together. =D. I felt bad that they didn't end up together. At some point in the story, I thought they were like pretend dating to make their familys happy. But Sometimes they were still able to get to know each other and stay friends with one another.]

**Overall :

Overall I felt happy for Moses and Linda. They both were able to get what they wanted and ended up together. (I still wonder if they ended up friends or the other way?) But overall it good. Both had a happy ending =D Yay! =P.

July 15, 2008


TVB Drama : Moonlight Renosance

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I can't wait to see this Drama! =) From the trailers and some spoiler information I have seen and read, I am still very tempted to seeing this drama. =D.

Thoughts: [May contain Spoilers]

1) The story will be a bit different with a few new casts added in. Though, the only thing that doesnt change is the order of how the children are lined up.
-Ha Yu will play as the Father.
-Lee Sze Kei will play as the 1st wife.
-Susana will play as the 2nd wife (who soon marries to Louise Yeun & take over Michelle Yim role [HOG I])
-Michelle Yim will play the 3rd wife and have taken over Susana (Sai Kai role) [HOG I]
-Moses will play the 1st eldest child.
-Raymond will play the 2nd eldest child (replacing Bosco place)
-Tavia will play the 1st eldest Sister. & Adopted Daughter of Lee Sze Kei.
-Lai Lok Yi will play the 3rd eldest son.
-Fala will play the 2nd eldest sister. & become Mute.
-Linda will play the adopted sister(Michelle Yim Daughter)
-Kate will replace YoYo Mung Place (they should have picked someone else -.-)
-Vincent will play the Youngest child.
-Bosco will play as the outsider to family (taken over Ray role from HOG I)
-Shirley Yeung will play the Younger version of Lee Sze Kei.
-Jack Wu will play the Younger version of Ha Yu.
*Jack and Shirley Soo cutee together =)

Love Triangle:

*They could have done Raymond-Tavia-Bosco (eventhough Im not really a Bota nor FungYi fan just seem like it sounds better that way.

Main Points:

-Main object of the series is Moon cakes. [In time for the moon cake festival =D]
-Mainly this whole series has some ups and downs in family affairs.
-The story will mainly revolve around Ha Yu and Lee Sze Kei with their relationship.
-It will talk about how Lee Sze Kei tries to bring her family back together while Ha Yu and Lee Sze Kei are in their divorce stage.
-Michelle will try to get into the family and cause trouble.
-Susana will have a Brother-Sister relationship with Louise and Wayne.

Synopsis :

The new series will focus on Lee Sze Kei getting her family back together in the background of bakery business. A big emphasize is put on Lee Sze Kei's relationship with her husband Ha Yu and kids Moses Chan, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Fala Chen, Lai Lok Yi, Vincent Wan and Ha Yu's stepdaughter Linda Chung, besides her relationship with her adversary Michelle Yim and sister Susanna Kwan.

Romantic plots include Kate Tsui (Susanna Kwan's daughter) fighting against Tavia Yeung for Moses Chan, whilst she will also be involved with Chris Lai. There will be conflict between Raymond Lam and Bosco Wong (Linda Chung's colleague) for Linda Chung as Bosco Wong interferes as the third party between the loving pair. Susanna Kwan's character will have "sister-brother" relationship with Wayne Lai and Louis Yuen, meanwhile Fala Chen in her challenging role as a 'mute' girl will be romantically linked with Dexter Young.

Throughout the series, Lee Sze Kei will try to run a steady business on her own in a bakery shop while her other family members live out a dream life with a billion-dollar fortune and big house. Lee Sze Kei has the custody of Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung and Fala Chen, whilst Ha Yu has the other children. The series also focuses on Susanna Kwan, from her good heart, plotting "evil" ideas to get the family back together, while Michelle Yim plots to have the family stay apart from each other. Lee Heung Kam doesn't make things any easier as she prefers his son (Ha Yu) to have Michelle as his wife than Lee Sze Kei. They frequently call Lee, "that fat thing" and family problems will arise when the family meet each other again.

+ Credit to wikipedia +

*Thanks ABL for clearing that up for me =)

July 14, 2008

TVB Drama Rewatch -- Colourful Life / Heart Of Greed I


Rating : 10/10
Theme [Yeem Bo]by : Ronald Cheng

Wong Suk Yee as Sheung Koon Dan Fung/Second Madame
Lo Yuen Yan as Shum Gum Hing/Third Madame
Frankie Lam as Cheng Chi Heen
Annie Man as Dun Chu

Florence Kwok as Shuet Siu Siu/Chi Pok Wife
Yuen Siu Cheung as Cheng Chi Pok
Ronald Cheng as Cheng Chi Yung
Mui Siu Wai as Cheng Yeen/Chi Yung Wife
Myolie Wu as Cheng Wing Chi/Fifth Sister
Law Kong (unsure about hisname) as Cheng Chi Sing
Louisa So as Chow Mon Han/Chi Sing Wife

May Kwong as Chow Mon Sze
Ellesmere Choy as Fung Tai Sung
Irene Wong as Ah Yi Ma
Deng Siu Chuen as Koo Ho Nam
Mark Kwok as Gong Suen Mun Boon

Warning! Spoiler Review!

During the Tang dynasty, as we all know, lived a great emperor Tong Tai Chung. His own sister, Princess Man Sing was married to the king of To Po (uncertain). Then Tong ordered a marriage between a To Po princess and a wealthy family's son. Unfortunately, the Cheng family's fourth son, Chi Heen was chosen. Guess who the lucky bride was. Dun Chu. No, not a dumb pig, but a young and intelligent princess (so you think) who just has a funny name. When the two met at first, everything turned awkward. They became enemies instead of husband and wife. But like many other series, these two develop a friendship and would later on fall in love.

What makes this series complicated is the family relationship. Besides the Second Madame, Wing Chi and Chi Sing's wife, everyone else talks trash behind each other's backs. The "He said She said" kind. That's why there are a lot of arguments. It's not only the women; the men also do trash talking.

The Cheng family consists of two major roles: Second Madame and Third Madame. The husband and the first wife died. Second Madame's children are Chi Yung and Chi Heen. The Third Madame's children are Chi Pok and Wing Chi. The eldest son is Chi Sing, whose mother is the first wife. So there you go, that's all the Chengs--isn't it? Nope. Let us add in their house cleaner, the house cleaner's son, Fung Tai Sung, Dun Chu, and her maid Ah Yi Ma. So we have one big family.

Anyway, Chi Heen disliked Dun Chu because she was not respectful and mostly he had someone else on his mind. It was his sister-in-law's Chow Mon Han's younger sister Chow Mon Sze, who he had known when they were younger. He had fallen for her intelligence because she could be as witty as he could be (he's a smart scholar). Dun Chu understands what they're going through and tries to make Chi Heen and Mon Sze a couple. That doesn't work out though. Meanwhile, a rich and cunning young man comes into Mon Sze's life. He was Gong Suen Mun Boon. He also fell for her intelligence and her beauty. In addition, Dun Chu and Chi Heen were starting to care for each other even more (after so many unhappy events). This clearly meant that they were beginning to develop some feelings for each other. It really showed when Chi Heen was off to take the Imperial Exams (which she caused him to miss the first time) and Dun Chu sewed him a pig on one of his robes so that he had something to remind him of her.

Meanwhile back home, things were going wild. Chi Pok's wife was kicked out of the family because she was accused of poisoning Chi Pok's mistress, Tung Mui, who was pregnant. Tung Mui wasn't really in love with Chi Pok, all she wanted was wealth and power. All she needed to do was bear him a son. Then when some evil old man did some evil-doing to destroy the Cheng family, she escaped, taking all the precious gold and jewels from the Chengs. What a bad woman! The other wives, however, stood by their husband

s and never thought of leaving. Well, at least none of them really left. The Chengs ended up living in a small, ugly house. Third Madame got tired of Second Madame's orders and wanted to split the money. Besides the money, they split half of everything including the house. Suddenly, Third Madame gets a disease by eating a chicken and ended up being sick. Second Madame and the others couldn't just stand there and do nothing, so they spent their money on medicine. Third Madame finally knew that everyone was nice to her and she apologized for everything she did in the past.

A secret is revealed when Chi Heen arrives back home as a minister. After some clue diggings, it turns out that Chi Heen is the prince of To Po. How? In the beginning, Dun Chu was supposed to be married Chi Heen, right? At the same time, she was helping an official find his long lost son (yeah right). He offered some clues and she began helping him. However, when Dun Chu brought Chi Heen to the official, he wanted to kill Chi Heen instead. Confused, Dun Chu wasn't sure about what to do until someone tells her that Chi Heen is the prince of To Po and she was assigned to bring Chi Heen back to his native country. Meanwhile, the king of To Po and his beautiful queen are captured by his evil brother. The brother sends a message to the Tang emperor which said that the Queen (Tang princess Man Sing) is about to die and that the Chengs are engaged in the planning. The Chengs are sentenced to death. But, the brother fails because Dun Chu rescues the king and his queen and tells the king the whole story. The king immediately delivers a message to the Tang emperor, telling him that the Chengs were innocent.

At last, everything was settled, Chi Pok's wife was back and Second Madame learns that Chi Heen isn't her son, but she still takes him as her own son. Chi Yung and his wife finds the son that he and Tung Mui (she died) had. At the end, it was Second Madame's birthday and the whole family makes her favorite gift, "Fung Wong Chun Yeem" (cloth made of out some shiny material and it glows in the dark). The whole family gathers and Dun Chu announces that she's pregnant. The end!

Cast Couples:[Top 2 couples]

Dun Chu -Annie Man: I really loved her acting the most out of the rest of the wives. she was very positive and had alot of tricks and jokes up her sleeve. Her character can be said as a sweet and cute one. willing to help others and would do anything to make the people around her happy. She can also be known and called as a 'life savor' and 'lucky person' to the family.
Chi Heem - Frankie Lam : his character was okay. He is the loyalist son to his mother. He became a judge and is considered the smartest in his family & brothers. I dont really have anything to comment about him. But all in all he did good.

They had good chemistry together and really was the 2nd couple to get me laughing alot. Especially the ways Annie kept makin g fun of him and fighting together. They really make a good onscreen couple. At first, They were like enemies but had to marry due to kings order. As the show progressed, These two started to get to know each other well and had feelings for each other. (it was soo cuteee the way they found out about each other.) The only thing that suprised me was that Frankie was actually a 'tou bor' person like Annie. For Annie benefit she was able to marry her own kind (hehe).

Chi Yung - Ronald Cheng : He is the 3rd son of the family. His character is also a funny one. All he does is Eat, sleep, & play all day. He sometimes might go out to the business shop and help around but mainly just stays for about 1-2 hrs and leaves to sleep or play. At first he does'nt like to do buisness because he thinks that he can't really decide on anything but as the show goes on, He realizes how money becomes important and ends up helping the family out.
Cheng Yeen - Cutie Mui : I love her laugh. Sounds so kiddish too. But it made me laugh too. She likes to get alot of benefit especially when she does the sharing. She and 2nd wife have a few arguements, but she is very caring. She helps her husband, Ronald out by making him do things and think of things to help him get something out of doing business. But all in all they are both very cutee.

[Not much stuff to say about the rest]: =(

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1st son (Chi Sing) & Wife(Mong 2nd son (Chi Bok) & Wife (Shuet Siu ) 5th daughter (Wing Chi) & Fung Tai S. Lan)

[Cheng Ga 4 Wifes] [Cheng Ga 4 Siu Yeahs]
The image “http://gallery.tvbsquare.com/albums/screencaps/Colorful%20Life/10.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. The image “http://gallery.tvbsquare.com/albums/screencaps/Colorful%20Life/32.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.


02 Heart Of Greed I
[credits to TVFANSQUARE]

The "tong sum seung tau" abalone is a family heirloom
A family fortune worth six hundred million;
Everyone frantically wants a share of it


Lee Si Kei as Ling Hao, Dai Kei
Ha Yu as Tong Yan Gai, Bao Ba, Dai Bao, Tong Yan Gwai (turtle)
Susanna Kwan as Wong Sau Kam, Sai Kei
Michelle Yim as Ling Lei, Ah Lei, Aunty Lei
Louis Yuen as Ling Bor, Ah Bor, Uncle Bor
Moses Chan as Tong Chi On, Sai Bao, Dut Dut Dei
Bosco Wong as Tong Chi Yat, Gilbert, Gil-gil, Ah Gil
Tavia Yeung as Cheuk Man Lai, Jackie
Chris Lai as Tong Chi Foon, Foon Jai, Ah Foon
Fala Chen as Tong Chi Yan, Yan-yan, Ah yan
Linda Chung as Seung Joi Sum
Raymond Lam as Ching Leung, Alfred
Yoyo Mung as Shui Ming Ha, Shui Mak Mak
Tracy Ip as Cho Bang
Lee Kwok Lun as Dai Keuk Bat (Octapus)
Natalie Tong as Angel

And many other casts!

The Tong Gei is a famous seafood store known for cheap but also rich products. For years is has undergo plenty of events in order for it to be so successful. Although there is really only just one “Tong Gei”, but they already own plenty of properties all around Hong Kong. Added together, it is worth a total of six hundred million!

Tong Yan Gai (Ha Yu), is a bubbly old guy with two wives whom he loves equally. He and his wife Ling Hao (Lee Si Kei) has worked hard over the years in order to have Tong Gei become of what it is today. Using the money left from Ling Hao’s father, they started a small business. With the help of Ling Hao’s younger sister, Ling Lei (Michelle Yim) and her younger brother, Ling Bor (Louis Yuen) they were finally able to make Tong Gei a big and famous.

On, Yat, Foon, Yan was all Tong Yan Gai and Ling Hao wanted in the family. Peace and happiness. Tong Chi On (Moses Chan) is actually not Ling Hao & Tong Yan Gai’s baby. Instead, he was found in a public washroom’s third cubical but they still treat him as if he was their own. Nicknamed Sai Bao, after his father’s nickname Dai Bao Tong Chi On is the closest to Tong Yan Gai and Ling Hao. Tong Chi On is bubbly, optimistic and friendly. Although called Dut Dut Dei, meaning “Ok,” he is also very witty being able to be flexible in any situation.

Tong Chi Yat (Bosco Wong), the first son of Ling Hao & Tong Yan Gai is ambitious and stubborn. The Tongs expect a lot from him being the first to graduate and receiving a MBA. He is interested in business and plans to start one on his own.

Tong Chi Foon (Chris Lai), second son of Tong Yan Gai but is only son of Wong Sau Kam (Susanna Kwan). Wong Sau Kam married with Tong Yan Gai after being chosen by Ling Hao to take care of Tong Yan Gai when she found out she had cancer. Due to the sudden change in law, Wong Sau Kam was only able to have a common-law marriage with Tong Yan Gai. Unlike his mother, Foon is low key, simple and humble. Foon only wants a happy family.

Tong Chi Yan (Fala Chen), the youngest of them all and daughter of Ling Hao & Tong Yan Gai. Ah Yan is young and playful because she has never experienced any hardships and is taken cared of by her brothers and aunt Lei. She also has older friends Seung Joi Sum (Linda Chung, Shui Mak Mak (Yoyo Mung) and Cho Bang (Tracy Ip) from scout that care for her.

Together the family is loving, warm and full of laughter. That is until incidents occurs and things begin to change. Wong Sau Kam feels she hasn’t been treated as a proper wife of Tong Yan Gai. Ling Hao has a relapse. Tong Chi Yat does something shocking. Ling Lei & Tong Yan Gai’s secret is revealed. Ling Bor is constantly in debt causing problems for the family. What was once a happy family turns into one full of tears and anger. Soon money becomes the answer to problems. With a family fortune of six million, everyone is fighting for it! What will become of the family? Who will be the winner?

Ha Yu & Lee Si Kei & Susanna Kwan
Moses Chan & Linda Chung
Raymond Lam & Linda Chung
Bosco Wong & Tavia Yeung
Chris Lai & Natalie Tong
Raymond Lam & Yoyo Mung

Thoughts Of show :
I think this was the best show for 2007 I have ever seen. It really dramatic and really got my attention. eventhough some parts were making me 'gag' I still find it okay and cute. The actors/actresses really did a good job in portraying their characters well. Gosh If I had 6 Billion [Cha chings] I be so totally rich! that I don't know what I should do with all that money [LOL] but yeah.
Can't wait to see the 2nd part to it. Eventhough the storyline and characters roles will be soo different, I still find it very interesting. I like the subject of 'Mooncakes' as the main object. It represents Happiness and Family. I was soo excited when I heard that this show was soon to be aired. I was wondering how it will be but guess the pairing is okay. though the love triangle parts are bit off. Anyways Ill have a further info and review on it later on...for now that all folks. =)

Bye Bye.

July 13, 2008


Don't know what to do for rest of the summer...guess i have to find something useful. but w/e.