August 29, 2008

TVB Updates/Personal Updates.

Im back from my Haitus =).
Anyways just wanted to update a bit.
Today I had so much fun with my friend Xiao and her cousins. They were sooo cutee =) though the older one looks bit mad or upset =) don't know I met up with Xiao at her neighborhood with her little second cousin then we went to Payless to look at shoes for about 2 hrs..=) It was cute =) Then we went to Xiao house to supposedly drop the cousin off..but then we went to the park instead with her both little girl cousins =) I was quite a bit happy that they showed up cause, then I was able to get to see how they looked like =)Aside from that, it was all good =)
TVB Moonlight Resonance Update:

Saw about few episodes this week. The show is getting more and more good...I now know that Michelle evilness is getting good =) who knew what was up her sleeve =P. But yeah. also, Linda and Bosco started a short short relationship but then broke up after a while. Raymond on the other hand, started to show some feelings for Linda and told her about the cake. (that part was sooo sweet =D). Sa Yee daughter came back and she looked soo nice =) though I disliked the way she kept flirting with Ah Ka in front of Ah Yeut. Ah Yuet felt sad and jealous of Kate. also, now the casts are beginning to show up in show..though the entrance appearence isnt soo good =(.But aside from that the rest of the casts are getting good =) I beginning to hate that Uncle Gung. He is such a suckup to Michelle smartly, Michelle tries to keep the problems on the Uncle Gung. [(he deserves it )]. so yeah.

Legend Of Demi-Gods Update:

The 3 main casts go and help save Linda parents by trying to come up with different useful ways and tactics to defeat the evil lady. Halina. Can't believe Halina would try to make and convince the townspeople that Linda and her parents are actually devils. (eventhough the mother is, I still find her nice and caring even the father.)But aside from that, Linda and Sunny relationship is starting to progress a bit. They are like sooo cute together =) But yeah. Benny on the other hand, gets hypnotized and used by Halina but luckily for Halina lover snake, he rescues Benny and breaks the curse that Halina had left him. The 3 then head out on a journey to continue to find ways to help break the curses and save the parents.


Trip: Maine. (5 more days)

Im a bit nervous about going to help in Maine. I thought it over a bit about going or not..then I started to remeber what my uncle said. He said that "It is worth a try to do something that Oppurtunity have given you. Take the right Oppurtunity and go for what you like or believe in. As they say, You never know once you try."- That saying I kept thinking about. Though I think he was right, I mean If I dont take the chance to go to my moms area, I might not know what I will expect. Maybe It might turn out to be a good thing or maybe it might turn out bad, but either way, the result will show. =D. Sighs.just 5 more days until I head over to Maine. Hopefully everything will be alright. Also Hopefully I will be able to get to learn, meet, and see new people and experience new enviornments. Even though I will be in a new place I will still somewhat visit brooklyn and all my relatives and friends here =) Right now at the moment, Im getting ready to pack and buying all the things I need in order to go up to Maine. As I said I might like or might not. see how it goes..but hopefully It be okay. Anyways I will try to update once and a while on my days and trips while up there soo if you like to know or want to read for interests, stay tuned! =D.


August 24, 2008


..On Hiatus....I wont be online for a while..well on writing this blog mainly...since some things have come yeah leave messege on the cbox if you like =)
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01 一人晚餐
02 二人世界
03 我不懂你
04 火柴天堂
05 過山車
06 其實我不快樂
07 浪漫無聲
08 有沒有她
09 你不懂我的心 (國語)
10 我不快樂 (國語)

They have the CD out since August 20th [release date] I have listened to some songs online..but I wanted to buy it myself but then I'm broke so I guess I have to wait until I am actually have somewhat money to buy one. Though I still support Linda for her album and her acting skills as well. =) I'm also still waiting for Raymond to release his 2nd album[not sure when that is..-.-] but when it comes out I'll buy both albums by then. =) For now I can just listen to the Demos online hehehe..but yeah. Anyways Support Linda by buying her album I know some of you Linda fans would =) lols. Anyways I have not much to for now..Ill try to not update so much instead Ill be concentrating more on school, work, & planning what I want to do for my future =) until then Have a great time and thanks for visiting =)