August 6, 2008

Break Dance Kid/Moonlight Renosance

Here something for you guys to see as entertainment..: It a little short video showing a little kid how he can actually breakdance at an early age =) Please tell me what you think in the chatter boxx to the right Thanks =)

I think this kid really got talent and can really break dance =) Support the little kid =)

---Updates on Moonlight Renosance Episode 7-8 coming up =)


Moonlight Renosance summary (Episode 7-8)

Episode 7:
In this episode it mainly talks about Ah Ka and his future that Ha Yu & Sze Kei Jea had been talking about. They complained to each other saying that Ah Ka had been very spoiled by always going gambling on stocks and every time he plays, he would either say 'Put' or 'Cut' Eventhough He has some stock market genius tricks and mind, Hor Ma is very worried that if he continued to do the stock market gambling again, He will end up losing a lot of Money. Ha Yu and Hor Ma discussed a lot about Ah Ka so when Ah Ka got home on Ha Yu side, he told Hung Yee to somewhat organize a placement job for Ah Ka to work for. Hung Yee decides by placing him in a smaller yet lower place to learn to build his way up a ladder, and start from the bottom up. Ah Ka somewhat agrees and some what doesn't but, He mostly doesn't.
Thoughts: This episode somewhat gave a lesson on gambling and stocks saying : "if you can't win the money..what the use of using the money??" lols. Anyways Ah Ka should continue the stockmarket gambling once in a while but not all the time so Hor Ma doesn't have to worry about him so much. =) In other moments, there a scene where Ha Yu, Gong Gong, & rest of the neighbors go hangout and go for High tea. While in the restaurant, Gong Gong and Ha Yu starts discussing some issues. When they over talked about Gong Gong telling Hor Ma to change or take down the Store banner, Gong Gong starts to get mad and tries to kick Ha Yu away. When Ha Yu got home..He tells Hung Yee about this, and they both decide what to do...On Hor Ma side, They all got noticed about it..then Sa Yee decides to Sue Ha Yu and brings the issue to court...[end of episode 7]

Episode 8
The continuation of Episode 7 starts, The family on Hor Ma side recieves the notice and brings the issue to court....When they see Ha Yu side of the family they just look at each other sternly and enter the court. As the case being testified and led out, It came upon the part of Hung Yee and Ha Yu. I was listening to their little speeches...At some point when Ha Yu spoke Gong Gong took the shoe he wore and threw it to Ha Yu. [ Go Gong Gong! =D]. Hehe. Anyways, by the end of the court session the judge decides and made Ha Yu side win. After the court case, The family went out of the courtroom with many reporters and cameramen surrounding the area for questioning. All sudden, Sa Yee speaks out and accuses Hung Yee for lieing and calls her a 'BokFun' seller/buyer(forgot which). Ha Yu spoke for Hung Yee and Hung Yee denied the situation..when Hung Yee and Ha Yu got home, They decided to tell the lawyer to sue Sa Yee for threatening her and wants her to pay '400,000' & to say sorry in the newspapers. The lawyer agrees and does what Hung Yee says. When Hor Ma side of the family received the notice, Sa Yee defends herself and tells Hor Ma to help go to Ha Yu side and give a 'Sorry' to them. Finally Hor Ma does and when they got to the house, Hor Ma pleaded/begged Hung Yee and Ha Yu to cancel the sueing and accept the 200,000 red packet. They both refused until Hor Ma told them something that Wayne Lai had to say something as well...By that point, Ha Yu felt so down and finally knew a bit that Michelle was evil and had somesort of scheme up her sleeve.

Thoughts: I cried for this episode too..It was so emotional when Hor Ma spoke...I was like watching and rooting for Hor Ma. I certainly just wanted to smack that Hung Yee and Ha Yu when they were giving their testimonials in the court house. (bad Michelle/Ha Yu)....Either way, this drama getting so good and almost at the climax sort of...but all in all it was a good drama and I liked it a lot..=D Can't wait to see more =)


August 4, 2008

Heart Of Greed I/II

Heart OF Greed I/II Before & After Casts::

LeeSze Kai (Dai Kai/Ho Ma)

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-She looks more sadder and tired everytime. I felt so bad for her when she had her old sickness back. I cried most of the time...=(. Dai Kai Role was very good and left alot of memorable scenes of her for the audience to see and remember.
-She would also be the strongest in the family. She uses a lot of Golden sayings and phrases to lecture the family. I find some of them very true and useful for myself in life =D. All in All, Dai Kai role is good and awesome =)

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-For HOG II(MR) She plays as Hor Ma. She is the responsible and yet very positive woman. She always watches out for her kids and make sures that they are not harmed. I really like her role here too because she shows alot of love and attention to her family and shows that everyone around her she cares about. Hor Ma is played as a more opened character with lots of 'gags' and jokes that she uses to entertain people but yeah she still good =)

*Support SZEKei Jea*

Ha Yu (Dai Bao/Joe Ba)

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- Ha Yu in HOG I was a very funny person he has alot of smilings and does alot of funny laughs that kept me laughing for hours. He tries his best to please everyone around him. Even though he has 2 wives in HOG I he tries to do everything he can do please one person then another. I really like that about him. I felt bad for him though cause he had cancer and that part made me sad..he really deserves to live in HOG I till he sees everyone in his family be happy and well.

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-I was disappointed at Ha Yu for having this role. Even though he plays as Joe Ba, I find it that this role is more of a disappointment to me. I cried in this scene because when asked about his children & family, he had no clue about what his children want and what they like. I can't believe also that he didn't let Hor Ma take the children into her custody. She deserved them since she knew every little detail about them. but yeah.

Moses Chan(Dak Dak Tei/Ah Ka)

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- I really liked his character the most in HOG I. It shows that he really cared about everyone and would do anything to make the people around him happy. He was so sweet to Linda too. That he helped her by borrowing money for her to return to the debts people. That was really sweet of him. He also did alot of things that helped the family alot too. even his brothers/sister.

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-In HOG II (MR) he plays as Ah Ka who is the oldest son to LeeSze kei & Ha Yu. His role is loving stocks and is a stock agent. even though he doesn't really do alot for the family much, I find his looks and outfits very cute and stunning. =)

Raymond Lam/Linda Chung (Alfred-SerngJoySum/Ah Ho-Yu So Chau)

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-They are so cute as a couple in the Drama (HOGI) they make a good couple too. Even though, Alfred died in HOG I, I felt bit sad. They both had been through so much together and did things for each other that at some point Ray didn't really 'lang ching' that he somewhat went and cheated on Linda for short period of time (Bad Ray =D) but yeah. All in all they both a good couple =D

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-They are so cute agains. especially Ray. (Now he gets to be part of the family =D) He is soo cute in this series though, I dislike his haircut his haircut in HOG I looks so much better to the one he has now. Anyways Linda looks good too =D she let down her hair and such =D so looks good. Both a good couple I would say. =D.

Bosco/Tavia (Ah Yet-Jackie/(forgot bosco name role-Ah Yeut)

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-They make such a perfect couple =D I do admit =D Bosco hair looks cute and stunning =D Tavia was okay in this series. Though they both too, had gone through alot in the series to get together. Though, I disliked Tavia family in this series such a greedy family. I felt so bad for Tavia..but yeah.

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-They both didn't be able to play as a couple in the second series (so sad) I can tell that Tavia now will play a role that sort of similar to Lindas in HOGI. She always going to cry so much. (Poor tavia =[) Hope she will be able to have more happier role screens later on =D.

Louis Yeun/Susana Kwan ( Uncle Po-SaiKai/Ah Sa-unknown role[Louis])

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-They play as a newly wed couple. Not much to say about them =D

Heart of Greed I
Thoughts : This drama really was good I been watching it over and over The casts did a pretty good job of playing the series even though there was alot of crying, Happiness and argueing It really showed how a family can really communicate with each other and show how one family can reunite agains as well.
The casts really did good it deserved to be high rated in 2007 and it was horray for them =D. Hopefully HOG II can be the same as well. =d

Heart of Greed II
Thoughts : This drama getting more and more good every one did a good job and some casts was okay. it had alot of funny jokes and family tides together. So far it showed on the siblings tides and had alot of that scenes too. =D I really love the bonding of Ray Tavia and Fala. they are so cutee when sign languageing to each other..I laughed on those scenes (so cutee) hopefully it can be rated this year as one of the highest and hopefully have a little celebration party too as well after the show is over =D

credits to Summer ( for the photos =D.


August 3, 2008

TVB Gossip.

[Credits to Emma Lam/]

Article #1::

Lee Si Kei Denies $5 Million Deal With TVB

2 August 2008
Emma Lam

Stars of TVB's Heart Of Greed II - Moonlight Resonance <溏心風暴之家好月圓>, Lee Si Kei (李司棋) and Raymond Lam (林峯) were guests at a Ming Pao Weekly anniversary event today and, with the show proving extremely popular with the viewers, Si Kei was very pleased when she heard calls of her character's name "Ho Ma" from the crowds.

With the first week ratings of the series standing high, Si Kei was asked if she felt that the current primetime ratings record, held by Korean import Jewel In The Palace <大長今> would challenged. She replied that she would not think of it in that way, but the producer was confident that it could be done and had already promised a celebratory party to the cast and crew next week.

Asked about the rumours recently, suggesting that Si Kei and co-star Susanna Kwan (關菊英) have been offered HK$5 million to sign hefty management contracts with TVB, Si Kei denied this and said that the reports were false. Asked if she will be renewing her contract with TVB in the future, she said she had not considered this yet and will be negotiating with them again soon. She added that the existing contract still has a year to run and she has a great fidelity to the company, which she sees as her home.

Raymond's strong performance in the series as Ah Ho has sparked speculation that he will win the Best Actor title at this year's TVB anniversary awards. Asked about the reports that the cast will be making big money to buy apartments with as a result of the show's popularity, he replied that he would like to buy himself a new car because he has had his current car for eight years now. He smiled that of course he would also like to buy his own property, but he has been advised that now is not the best time to invest in this sector, so he is happy to wait.

Comments: Lee SzeKei and Raymond Lam are getting to be one of my favorite mother-Son onscreen people. They are so cutee and really look out for one another. Moonlight Renosance have been out in airing for about almost 1 week and already the ratings is high. I have a good feeling that MR will be one of the highest ratings of 2008.


Linda & Raymond Are A Perfect Match

27 July 2008
Elvina Chang

The new TVB series, Heart of Greed 2 - Moonlight Resonance <溏心風暴之家好月圓> will go on air from tomorrow evening in Hong Kong. Cast members Lee Si Kei (李司棋), Susanna Kwan (關菊英), Ha Yu (夏雨), Lee Heung Kam (李香琴), Raymond Lam (林峰), Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), Tavia Yeung (楊怡), Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿), Kate Tsui (徐子珊), Fala Chen (陳法拉) and Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) were all at a Tsuen Wan shopping mall today, promoting the new series.

At the event, Susanna sang the new theme song live and attracted crowds of onlookers and boosted a great atmosphere.

Moses Chan (陳豪) was also at the event and he revealed that he has managed to buy his first apartment after filming the previous Heart of Greed <溏心風暴>. He added that he hopes that after this series, he will be able to buy a second apartment. Recent reports suggest that Moses's rumoured girlfriend, Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) owns two properties and that he has accompanied her to one of her apartments. When asked to comment on this, Moses replied that he has not heard about this and quickly changed the subject by saying that he wishes to able to buy a property with a seaview. When reporters pointed out that Bernice also wishes to buy a property with a seaview, Moses laughed and said that the majority of people living in Hong Kong wants to own a seaview property. He added that he would really like to earn enough to be able to buy a second property and also take his mother on holiday.

Raymond and Linda appeared at the event wearing similar yellow outfits, which made other cast members laugh at them and comment that they are indeed a matching couple. Linda expressed that she is not embarassed at her colleagues jokes and thought it was more important to promote the new series. She added that the outfits was a coincidence and once again insisted that she and Raymond are just good friends.

Comments : Im starting to like the Rayda couple somewhat a bit much since they had been filming alot of series together. But all in all I still like Ray-Mich more. they make a bit better couple. =)
The coincedence of having a Yellow 'ching Lui' outfits was really cutee it like they knew what each other was about to wear and do..& know what each others thinking [Sum Ling Seurng Tung?] hehe..lols. Funny that they be rumored as Girlfriend/Boyfriend. If that is true in future I be so happy for them. lols.