July 26, 2008

Jack-Shirley Onscreen moments

Hello there =)

I just fell in love with the onscreen couple Shirley-Jack. They are so cutee together. Well here are some thoughts on them =) Enjoy.

Chamber of Sorrows:

Shirley Yeung (Chow Gook) : She is the maid of the family. She really respects Christine & Nancy Sit. She can be said as a caring girl who listens to people. I really pitied her because she was supposedly suppose to be one of the Sheung Family line of sons&daughters, but Sheung Hang didn't really let her. She was Hangs illigetimant daughter.
[Thoughts] : I really cried for her because Hang (her father) made her mother (buddist woman) commit suicide so she doesn't rumor out that Shirley her & Hangs daughter. Though with some scenes with Jack it was soo funny. I laughed.

Jack (Worker) : He is so sweet in this series. He is also excellent at making Jewelery too. He is more of a good person. He helps a lot in the Sheung Family. He can be known as their son. Jack role had to do more with Shirley. Some funny things is that Shirley and Jack shared the same interests. He is more gulliable whatever Shirley says, He believes. Though sometimes, Jack would get a frog, and scare Shirley a bit too (that so cuttee)
[Thoughts] : Shirley & Jack really had good chemistry together. It was so cute the way they helped each other out. I mainly liked the frog scenes. It was so cutee and sweeet.

Here are some pictures of Shirley-Jack scenes (Credits to Sze-Kei World- for the screen caps)

Screencaps from Chamber of Sorrows::

The image “http://images.vitacare.multiply.com/image/3/photos/38/400x400/19/photo-019.jpg?et=i1OOypBjzeQnwel%2BU9zPYQ&nmid=94006891” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. The image “http://www.shirley-yeung.starszz.com/dramaimages/TSCOS/Silver%20Mansion%20Golden%20Dust%2020.PNG” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
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Moonlight Renosance:

They are guest stars of the show. Shirley and Jack will play the younger years of Ha Yu and SzeKai Jea(Dai Kai). Again they get a chance to work together. I really love their onscreen chemistry they are soo cutee together too =)

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*They look soo cutee together. Hope they have more roles and onscreen couple chemistry together in the future =)


July 25, 2008


Heart vs Moonlight

Tong Yan Gai vs Gam Tai Cho
(Bao Bao vs Jo Bao)
Similarity: 80%
Differences: "Bao Bao" never had been unfair to his family members, whereas "Jo Bao" uses excuses to abandon his wife and kids. Their personality differs.

Ling Hau vs Chung Siu Hor
(Dai Kei vs Hor Ma)
Similarity: 80%
Differences: "Dai Kei" uses manners to make a good strategy, holds good attention from the audiences, and her speeches imposes a threatening manner. "Hor Ma" is a very strong woman.

Ling Lei vs Yan Hung
(Lei Yi vs Hung Yi)
Similarity: 0%
Differences: "Lei Yi" is «Heart»'s protagonist, while "Hung Yi" is «Moonlight»'s antagonist. The two completely differ from one another.

Wong Sau Kum vs Chung Siu Sa
(Sei Kei vs Sa Yi)
Similarity: 50%
Differences: "Sei Kei" is good at compromising for safety, and endures for 30 years, hoping to steal the family fortune. She is a hypocrite. "Sa Yi" is sinister and ruthless; a philistine. She is a true villain.

Ling Bo vs Yuen Yan Chi
(Kau Fu Bo vs --)
Similarity: 75%
Differences: The two are like a villain, but "Kau Fu Bo" always manages to queer whenever he can. "Yuen Yan Chi" always good at getting people to favor him.

Tong Chi On vs Gam Wing Ga
(Duk Duk Dei vs Ah Ka)
Similarity: 60%
Differences: The two are always boasting, but "Gam Wing Ga" likes to gamble a lot. Comparing him to "Duk Duk Dei's" purity differs a lot. "Duk Duk Dei" is content with life. "Gam Wing Ga" is always proud. See the difference?

Ching Leung vs Gam Wing Ho
(Alfred vs Goon Ga Jai)
Similarity: 0%
Differences: Raymond Lam is taking a step in the big family. His disposition is very pure is good-hearted, with "Ching Leung's" disposition is very different.

Seung Joi Sum vs Yu So Sum
(Seung Joi Sum vs Yu So Chau)
Similarity: 90%
Differences: With Linda Chung acting with these two roles, they do not differ a lot. The difference is that "Seung Joi Sum" was poor, so she sees money more important.

Tong Chi Yat vs Ling Chi Shun
(Ah Yat vs Ah Shun)
Similarity: 20%
Differences: Bosco Wong is no longer in the family, and from a impulsing youth, he tranforms into a doctor. There is a big difference.

Cheuk Man Lai vs Suen Hou Yuet
(Man Lai vs Ah Yuet)
Similarity: 10%
Differences: "Cheuk Man Lai" sticks to one's way of doing things, dares to love nad hate, and pursues intense love. "Ah Yuet" self-pity, only asks for happiness in love. Both are completely different roles.

Tong Chi Foon vs Gam Wing Yuen
(Foon Jai vs Ah Yuen)
Similarity: 40%
Differences: "Tong Chi Foon" is very gentle and honest, while "Wing Yuen" tries to outdo everyone and is conceited. The two disposition is very different.

Tong Chi Yan vs Gam Wing Hing
(Chi Yan vs Ah Hing)
Similarity: 40%
Differences: The two roles are very lovable and gentle, but "Chi Yan" has nothing to worry about, while "Wing Hing" has a congenital lack, which causes disappointment; so her self-confidence is insufficient.

My comment[s]: Everyone seems so excited about Moonlight Renosance & Heart of Greed that they have decided to post a lot on these two series =) I myself is excited to so I guess I can do the same =) So can't wait for the series of Moonlight to air! lols. I wonder if this time will have more arguements and slappings <--Now those are the best parts of the Movie dramas that get the audience attention =).

Only 3 more days left till official Airing of Moonlight Renosance!

*credits to ABL (TVB-Hotspot)-for the Descriptions =)


Yoyo Mung having Motherly Love, Kisses to Surrender..

Source: The Sun
Translated by aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Yoyo Mung having Motherly Love, Kisses to Surrender

Yoyo Mung recently has been into motherly love, she spent the day with a 22 month year old child in the park and bike racing. The smart Yoyo encountered a strong competitor, where she got manipulated by the child. She also got kisses and blow kisses from the child, results when the game didn't even start, she had already been deceived by the child.

Exercising in the heat, Yoyo usually goes with friends, but this time Yoyo invited a 22 month year old child to partner up with. At first the two of them were only going to the park to ride bikes, but the sneaky Yoyo was too happy and decided to race with the child. Because she did not have a bike that was her size, she only rode on a children's bike, she expresses that if she had a bike her size, it would have been better and more challenging. She decided to use a children's bike to compete.

Having a tall figure, when she sat on a bike that wasn't her size, it looked weird. Using the 'cow strength' to ride the bike, she was only able to make a few steps. But the child was even funnier than Yoyo, where he flip the bike and rode backwards. Yoyo who was busy trying to ride forwards noticed that the kid was riding the wrong way and could not help but let out a laughter. As for Yoyo who is playful did not give up and continued to have a "who's the fastest" competition with the child. We saw that Yoyo continue to force herself to ride, the child was getting excited and started screaming and ended up steering the bike towards Yoyo. The little kid went towards Yoyo and blew her a kiss, Yoyo bend down to let him kiss her... and basically ended up letting the child beat her.

Did not think of having kids
Although she and little kids have acted in series together, but taking pictures together is the first time. She smiles and said that collaborating with a child is not easy, first need to have a caring heart and patiences: "this child is very cute, so little and already know all these silly expressions, really making me laugh to death! I really want to bring him home and play with him for 2 days! (Why don't you bore one yourself!) Career comes first! Later will consider."

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Ah Sa & Signing Autograph Party


Ah Sa and her father at a signing party for her recently published autobiography "Single parent love" on Thursday, July 24, 2008. [Photo: ent.QQ.com]

Half of the Hong Kong pop duo Twins, Ah Sa or Charlene Choi, held a signing party for her lately published autobiography "Single parent love" on Thursday, according to ent.QQ.com.

The books, authored by Charlene Choi and her father, sold out just two days after being released. The autography is illustrated by pictures of her father, who said he fell in love with a beauty of mixed-heritage. A picture of her first boyfriend, whose face is covered by a cartoon character, is published in the book.

Some friends of Charlene Choi, who grew up in a single-parent family, have composed prologues for the book, including her partner Gillian Chung in the singing group Twins.

Charlene Choi said she is planning to write a book with her mother. She sang a song "Younger sister" for her mother in her new album which was released in January this year


Love Exchange : Series Synopis.

This show was great. I really loved it =D


Micheal & Anita: I really loved their chemistry. They shared a lot of scenes together. I really loved them a lot. Even though, at the end they didn't end up together (sad; & Disappointment to me) they at least knew that they had feelings for each other and really showed that they care about each other. Their portrayal of the characters is really cute. Anita & Micheal really did a good job of watching out for one another. Every time something bad happens (mainly to Anita) Micheal would always be there and help her out through the bad situations. (That is soo sweet =D). Though, it was an okay on screen partner couple. Anita was a girl who was very open and would forget things and take things in the pat ('by gone be by gones') & move on with life. As for Micheal he more of a 'stick to one corner' type of person, which kinda annoyed me a lot through the whole series. But with a good help from Anita, everything turned out good.

Anson & Jackie : I didn't really like this pairing but the situation and background of one another I can really some how get and feel. Both come from an orphaned background, whose parents had left them alone on the streets as young children. They were to live in the streets alone (I felt so terriable :sniff:.) Both of them wanted about the same things. But each had their own schemes and thoughts to get what they want. Anson: He became one of the rich guy son-in-law. who was claimed to be one of the mobsters. Since he knew that his father in law was a big head boss of a big trading corporation, He thought of ways to get himself into becoming one of the head boss as well so he can have power, money, & rightful place so when the business is passed down, he can take all the share. Jackie on the other hand only wanted protection, care, and love. She realized that she had only loved married men. But sooner or later she realized that she had fall deeply in love with Anson who she felt had also shared her memories and pain with.
Both these characters really gave me a guilt feeling of pity for them both mainly Jackie. But later toward the end she turns good. (actually the whole series, She was good..but bit sidetracked).

Bonnie & Dick : They were the Victims of the car incident. Though, somewhat as I was watching this series I didn't really see that Dick and Bonnie really had an affair. More like two unsual people who ended up in the same car and incident happens. The series doesn't really tell us much.

Summary : All in all I think this was a good series only because of Anita & Micheal (They are soo cutee together!) But yeah. Hopefully they will have more series together =)

*Still can't wait to see Moonlight Renosance.* By that time Ill have a post of episodes I seen in a summary for you guys to read. So stick around. =)


July 24, 2008

Thoughts on Love Exchange & When Dog Love Cat.

Moon Light Renosance is going to air on Monday, July 28th. 2008.
^ I can't wait!. =D

Already I'm almost finished with Love Exchange. At some point near the ending it getting boring. Though, I felt bad for Anita because when she and Micheal found out about the whole wife-husband thing that they been searching for, Seemed like Micheal couldn't really let go of the situation. Anita was the one I felt sad for..She was trying to help Micheal but then Micheal was being all thinking at one spot. There was this line that Anita said in Episode 19 :

Love Exchange:
Anita : "Okay If we did find the murderer, what will we do?"
Micheal : stares at Anita "Well we can't just let the murderer get away with it..He's even at home proabably sitting around and doing his own deed."
Anita : "Well If we find him what we going to do? It won't be any difference...Bonnie and Dick won't come back from the dead."
Micheal : ~No word comes out~
^ this scene made me realize that Anita is trying to help Micheal out. I can tell she starting to like him and really worried about him. She even mentioned the part about 'their future as in together'-That so sweet. =D. But yeah.

When Dog Loves Cat:
I have seen up to episode 4 already.
Gallen was okay. I'm kinda getting annoyed with his words : "It wrong All wrong!" He kept saying that. make it seem like he's all right and such. No offence but I think hes getting really annoying by making people think hes right and everyone wrong. But yeah. This episode showed about Gallen leaving 'Siu Ba' out in the street. I felt so bad for that little dog..omg..how can Gallen do that?...And the cat 'CanCan' omg that cat is so cutee. Make it look like shes a little queen and such. Haha. But yeah.
Chow Chow was good too. She at least know what the pets want unlike Gallen. She cares a lot about them too. There was this one scene I liked where Gallen and Myolie was argueing I was laughing
Gallen & Myolie with rest of the co-workers looks for 'Siu Ba'
They end up in a small alley and starts to argue.
Myolie : "Where can 'Siu Ba' be?" -worriedly.
Gallen gets annoyed.
Myolie : "I think we should call the MPU maybe they can help look for 'Siu Ba'
Gallen : "MPU is for People -Missing People Unit. Not Missing Pets Unit."-LOL.
^The way Gallen said it was so funny.<-So cute that way. So Yeah.

*Ill update more on the movies later after Love Exchange has been completed.


July 23, 2008

New Layout & Song.

Hello Hello =)

Well this is my last time out of the day of changing the layout. For now I will be sticking to this one so yeah.

Does it look cool??..
well the layout features my favoriate anime : Vampire Knight. I got to admit. it is getting to be addicting to me but I guess I can live with that.

song is called MiDuhYo by DBSK (favorite bandd!)

Well yeah.

Just to keep you guys posted =D.

Leave comments & Such please =)


July 22, 2008

Moonlight Renosance (Preview/Trailers)

New Previews/Trailers of Moonlight Renosance is out =)

thanks to bigpig59 of Youtube for uploading them =)

Im trying to find out how to upload the video clips on the post so yeah. Once I figured it out..then I will upload it for you guys to see =)

Can't wait for the drama to air hehe. 6 days left till the airing of Moonlight Renosance is here. =)


July 21, 2008

Anticipated Dramas of 2008

upcoming TVB Dramas that I will watch::

The image “http://img185.imageshack.us/img185/8030/mr1py5.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Tittle : Moonlight Renosance (溏心风暴II之家好月圆)
Cast : Lee SzeKei, Ha Yu, Moses Chan, Linda Chung, Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong,
Tavia Yeung, Lee Lok Yi, Michelle Yim, Susana Kwan, Kate Tsui, Fala Chan, etc.
Episodes : 40
Thoughts: I really loved HOG I. I have seen the drama for about last 3 days & couldn't stop watching. So yeah. Hopefully this one will be better. From the trailers I seen I have a good chance it will be a good series. Even though there will be lots of Drama and all haha =D. So yeah.

Title : When A Dog Loves A Cat (當狗愛上貓)
Cast : Myolie Wu, Gallen Lo, David Lui (Lui Fong) , Margie Tsang.
Episodes : 20
Thoughts : When I first saw the trailor I was a bit okay with it. Even though this will be one of Gallens first come back show in 10 years, I still find this drama a bit less interesting. I myself don't really like pets, But for some reason I wish I owned some haha. but yeah.

Legend of the Demigods

Title : Legend Of Demi-Gods
Cast : Linda Chung, Sunny Chan,Benny Chan, Charmaine Li, etc.
episodes : 40-44
Thoughts : Finally! TVB has decided to release this drama at the end of August for sure. Too bad I have to wait this long for it =(. Supposedly It was supposed to air last year in August, But then, it got cancelled. so TVB decided to air it at the end of next month. I soo can't wait to see it. Linda Starting to become one of my favoriate actress. So yeah. the themesong is so nice and sung by Linda. =) so yeah.

Title: (胡雪岩的廚娘)- “Hu Xue Yan’s Lady Chef”
Cast : Bobby Au-Yeung, Charmaine Sheh, Wayne Lai, Joyce Tang, etc.
Episodes : 40
Thoughts : I really want to see this show. It very interesting and has my favoriate Tvb couple (one of them) -Charmaine & Bobby. After seeing their Ancient drama together : Witness to Prosecution II. I feel in love with Bobby as a Forensic. He looks soo smart when it comes to science & now that he filming an ancient movie, it will be even better (I hope) love Bobby with his jokes and all make me laugh all the time ahahha. =D but yeah.


Tittle : The Good The Bad & Ugly
Cast : Shirley Yeung, Eric Suen , Paul Chun, Vivian Yeo, etc.
episodes : 20-40
Thoughts : I will watch this drama cause of Shirley in it (one of her fans) but yeah. It should be interesting fact that Eric will be in it. (never seen him act) but yeah. Anyways not really hoping for anything. so yeah. Either way, Might be good. Hope Shirley and the rest of the cast do good =).

*More coming soon.