April 1, 2008

TVB :: Tai Chi & 7th Day:;

I have finished both Tai Chi and 7th Day though the result of it came out to be sad not much happy ending. For Tai Chi Rayolie got a happy ending whereas Kenneth Selina Melissa & Vincent didnt. Selina ended up dieing at the end while trying to save Kenneth or was it the baby..? i forgot but either one, she still died..omg she didnt deserve to die i mean she a good character and also a pity character where alot of people really cried for her. Melissa and Vincent ended up going after their own dreams and they both didnt end up together. Evnthough they were meant for each other. I felt really bad for Melissa character. She had a rough time trying to get together with Vincent..and Vincent just kept focusing on his revenge and keep the Tai chi spirit up. But ither way, both ended up going seperate ways.

For 7th day everyone had an happy ending except for part where Niki Died. She died because of some type of genetic Cancer. I felt so bad for her..i cried as well. sighs seems like every movie i see now a days i cry because of how the storyline was putted. Some characters shouldnt have ended up being where they at. They should all have a happy ending...-.-..but yeah.