June 30, 2008

Sighs damn it the end of June already. And soon July is almost coming. sighs. Anyways just bored so decided to write a Journal entry. So here it goes::..
It already been 1 month pass since school ended and summer vacation has begun for me. Im still trying to look for a job..and lately no signs. For some reason I have already planned out my whole summer thing..but seems like not working so I got to plan it out again....Ive also been thinking alot too...seem like alot of things has been happening alot so far. Many drama and situations going on..but yeah. Every night now a days, I just usually think and think..dont know what I think about but yeah...sighs..suks. My whole summer sucks. =(. ....................................nothing nothing nothing...I really need to find myself a JOB!!. I was really jealous that my friend got a job in syep. I signed up for it for about 2-3 years and everyyear I never get accepted..=(. That is soo not fair....i had my hopes up for that but then somehow i guess the "teen" let my hopes down..and make me feel bad....now that my best friend has a job...for the summer...I don't get any time to spend with her...=(. o well....got to wait 6 weeks later...aww if only it was the 4-5th week of the work thing..but yeah..anyways nothing..Ill write back to you soon.