July 12, 2008

Thoughts Of TVB Drama : Heart Of Greed 2 & Love Exchange.

Heart Of Greed 2

Here is a news update on Heart of Greed 2.

To be aired : July 28th - September 19th.

Translated by mv_288 @ http://asianfanatics.net

In 2007, Heart of Greed caused the ratings for TVB series to rise. The roles of Dai Kai, Sai Kai, Bao Bao, etc. left deep impressions on many audiences. In 2008 Heart of Greed II is highly anticipated, including the original cast, along with new additions. For this series, the roles will be completely different. During the costume fitting yesterday, the plot of the series was revealed.

The main villains for the series are Michelle Yim, Susanna Kwan, and Kate Tsui. Michelle Yim will play the role of “Aunt Li” [莉姨], and will eventually evolve into the villain [紅姨] (direct translation is “Aunt Red”). She will be the third party who tries to snatch away Lee Si Kei’s husband. This time around, Susanna Kwan will be Lee Si Kei’s sister. She plays the role of a gossiper, who along with her daughter, played by Kate Tsui, will stir up many problems in the family.

With the series revolving around a big family once again, Joe爸 (Father Joe), played by Ha Yu, manages a large moon-cake business. Lee Si Kei is his wife. Michelle Yim immigrates to Hong Kong, and Lee Si Kei provides her with a job at their company. As for Ha Yu, he has 6 children, and a stepdaughter who Michelle had with another husband. His stepdaughter will be played by Linda Chung. All of his children’s name makes up the phrase 「家、好、月、圓、慶、中、秋」, when combined together. Last time, Bosco was part of the family, this time he isn’t, and will play the role of a doctor who fights with Raymond Lam for Linda Chung. Raymond Lam will play the role of Ha Yu’s son. 李香琴 who has returned to TVB, will play the role of Ha Yu’s mother in this new series. This 40 episode series will revolve around family matters.

  1. Bosco Wong, Raymond Lam, and Linda Chung Involved In A Triangle Relationship
  2. Moses Chan As A Stock Market Genius
  3. Fala Chen Plays The Role Of A Mute, Falling In Love With Dexter Young
  4. Lee Si Kei Tells Many Gags
  5. Mose Chan, Tavia Yeung, Kate Tsiu will be in a love relationship.
  6. Kate Tsiu will be evil
  7. Shirley Yeung and Jack Wu will be the young Lee See Kei and Ha Yu.

The character names are soo funny and really suits the holiday of Moon Cake Festival. Each character will have a good play& role. When I saw the character of Michelle Yim, I couldn't really imagine her becoming evil. I still picture Susana Kwan as the main villian. As for Linda & Raymond, They will have a relationship but for some reason I have it feeling it more of a brother-sister relationship add to that, Bosco going to be involved which I can't really picture at all. Bosco and Linda can't really mix together.
But for the other cast members, I have a feeling they will do well. I don't know have to see how it all goes.

I can't wait to watch this drama! Ive already starting to re watch Heart of Greed I. I got so caught up in the climax that after I was near the end, I wanted to continue and watch the 2nd one. (too bad not aired yet) But I will wait. Hopefully this drama will be as good as the first. This time, Michelle Yim is going to be one of the antagonist of the series. I really liked her acting in HOG I as Lai Yee. She really did a good job at it. =) I wonder how She will act as a Villian in HOG II.

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Love Exchange


Casts :
Anita Yeun - It been so long since she last acted and been in a series. Come to think of it, I think this is the first series I seen her in (forgot what else I have seen with her in it.) but yeah. This time, She plays a pretty decent character. I love the way she acts. She willing to help people, & isn't afraid to face anything bad. She willing to find out the answers she been looking for and accepts it because she believes everything happens for a reason. At first I thought she was a ordinary 'household wife' who does chores and stuff all day, But as I got to see the series more, I find her character to be funny and cute. Especially the arguements between her and Michael.

Micheal Miu - This guy so funny. He is so handsome too. Even though hes like in his 40s now, I still find him very young. His character is a bodyguard. He is the head of his bodyguard team. He has a cute and nice sister -in law that he looks after and is very cool too. He willing to help others. When I first saw the problem in the series, Michael couldn't really accept the fact. But as I continued watching his character, I find it very funny. Guess he cant always get what he wants.