August 23, 2008

Personal Thoughts....TVB Thoughts

08.23.08 - Cloudy day

It been few days since I last did something to me everything that I don't to happen has happened. I just feel like everything now is a blur to me..I kept thinking to myself If I was to do something...should I ask for permission for my decision or just let it be??...sighs..been a while that I kept asking that question...yet I have lots and lots of questions to ask myself that I have no intentions of telling anyone...I just want to let it all be..and make things go back to the way it was and the way it used to...Come to think of it...I feel like I have a voice in my head that keep telling me not to do something and the other is telling me to do something...but then I get confused and stand where I feel like I havent even moved...If only I can get some advice...If you guys think what maybe i can do maybe you guys can help me...cause right now..I have no clue what it is I should do next....=(...Everyone now a days keep bugging me alot that makes me get so aggrevated...[did i spell that right?]....I just don't know what to do...yet I tell myself that I want to do something..but seems like when I want to do something...or make a move to make me do something..I have to pause and think that I should ask..wait..or just do it without any notice or somewhat...I just don't know...Hopefully as time pass..I can be able to make my own decisions without anyone telling me that it is wrong or if it right....


Legend of Demigods:
This drama so far is getting good. I love the way Sunny and Linda friendship relationship is..They are so cute together...especially in ep. 6. Sunny is a funny dopey character who sleeps alot..whenver something big or unsual happens that involves him, he ends up sleeping on the job. (so funny)
Linda is also nice too. She gets played around alot by the wipe vine and then injures herself too..(poor girl) but as the story progresses they both seem to end up doing weird unusual situations =) (I have a feeling this will be a Linda-Sunny relationship) On the other hand Benny. His character is more of a "Siu Yea jai". Hes the bossy guy around town, with magical powers of a strength and bullies the townsmen around. The thing I hate about him is that He always controls the townsmen that make them fear him alot..Hopefully as the story progresses as well, his character can change..
*annoying and yet disgusting time is when Benny snorts. (I hate that and it quite annoying.)

Moonlight Renosance:
This storyline getting more and more interesting =) Love the relationship between Ray and Linda. (they are like so made for eachother) For the rest of the family I have pity on some. They all make me cry and some with comedian acting. The comedian acting is the parts where Mo&Tavia. They are so cuteee. =) For the sadness one is mainly for Chung Jai, Yuen Jai, & Fala. They have the same well somewhat same scenerys with confusion and pain. Some even have a bit of judgement too. That what I felt sad for mainly. For Moonlight so far, I pity more is for Hing (Fala) she a mute character and every sadness is being brought toward her. I actually felt the way she did in the series that made me burst into tears. She is a nice character..but some reason I hope she get to be able to speak at least so she can express and speak for herself..instead of making other seem like she thinking on one thing where she is actually thinking of another. (perfect example-Sa Yee)..hehe. But all in all the drama getting good =) can't wait for more =)


August 22, 2008

Moonlight Renosance Quotes

Moonlight Renosance Quotes::


SA姨:"I'll Be Back"



好:我依家就真係好'慶'啦!仲好心痛tim 呀!(出自第2集)







阿月: 好彩我係攞女, 同你冇親 <---正爆!!
阿卡:啊婆走得快, 一定有古怪

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Moonlight Renonsance : Eps (17-18)-Thoughts

Moonlight Renosance Episode 17-18

Episode 17:
This episode was a nice episode..Moses did a good job at telling things to Hung Yi and telling the truth to Yuen Jai as well. Moses revealed the truth on Hung Yi and her evil schemes that made Yuen Jai change his mind about his mother. I was quite happy the way Moses yelled at Hung Yi and talking about all those things..I was practically rooting for Moses. hehe. On that note, the relationship btwn Ray and Linda getting even cuter. They flashbacked to the time they were kids and thought about the times they had together. I was tearing when those scene showed up =(. Luckily as they got to Adult, they still act like kids and make fun of each other hahaa.My thought for this episode was cheering and a bit sad..but they all did pretty well. At first the kids were argueing about the way they see Hung Yi as a bad person but to Yuen Jai she was good. But to me I have to agree with the kids if I were them because whatever Hung Yi tries to do to hurt Hor Ma family, She would always use the kids as a way of treating them good and well..but in real words she trying to hurt the family to get what she wants. All in All it was yet a good episode and yet I felt bit proud of Moses the way he talked to Hung Yi and making Yuen Jai realize who is the real mother and who really treats him well.

Episode 18:

This episode focused on Ah Hing and Kelvin relationship. I teared and cried so much for them =(. It took a long way for both of them to keep their relationship well. At first when they were meeting each other, I had a bit anger for the way Kelvin mom had judged Ah Hing and saying that she cant speak. Hor Ma then said some few words to Kelvin mom that made Kelvin mom have a change of heart. Kelvin and Hing then met again and started to email and SMS each other for long time. When Kelvin Mom saw, she then had a change of heart and went to meet with Gam family. She told Hing about what she thought and her feelings [that scene made me soo proud and made me teared as well]. Hing then understood her meaning and now Kelvin and Hing is finally engaged.
My thought of this episode made me realize that you can't judge a person by the way they are but how they other words it not what the outside that counts, but what the inside it counts as well. I was very happy that Kelvin and Hing got engaged. they had been through alot for each other and had been together since they met at the commerical area. But all in all I am very happy for them. Again Hor Ma did a good job by helping her daughter speak the truth and tried to make them change of heart =)
GO Hor Ma!!


August 19, 2008

Moonlight Renonsance : Eps (9-16)

[Continuation] (ep 9-15)
Episode 9::

Episode 10::

Episode 11::

Episode 12::

Episode 13::

Episode 14::

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Episode 15::

Episode 16::



Moonlight Renonsance : Eps (1-15)

Moonlight Renosance Episodes (1-8)

Credits to WeiTeng =)

Moonlight Renosance Episode 1::

Episode 2:

Episode 3::

Episode 4::

Episode 5::

Episode 6::

Episode 7:

Episode 8::


August 18, 2008

Legend of DemiGods Episodes

Thanks to Waiteng for the Videos =) your the best =)
Credits to Waiteng for it =)

Can't believe Im able to watch it already =) Thanks again Waiteng =)
Legend of Demigods : Episode 1

Episode 2:

Episode 3:


New Updates

Hello there..felt like posting a new layout thing..this time its featuring Brenda Song. One of my favorite actress/Model. For some reason what got me into liking this actress is the series/TV show I been watching and addicted to a lot on the Disney Channels' : Suite Life of Zac & Cody =)
I love the show. When I see it Brenda acts like a cute preppy girl and she rich too [so cutee] For some reason, After I have gotten to see Direct TV cable I would always tune into the Disney Channel for new episodes and series of my favorite shows..too bad when I was little we didn't have such shows..[bummer] but now that I am able to view it agains..I feel happy and feel like a real kid/Teenager again... but yeah. Anyways aside from that note..

Moonlight Renosance

I have been finish watching episode 14 of MR. The episode focuses on Fala & Lai Lok Yi status in the drama. For some reason I can't really get Lai Lok Yi character...I know for sure that he broken up with his gf..but I didn't really seem the to get the role of his character more clearly...but I guess I'm not into his character much...on the other hand, Fala character got me teared...I felt so bad for her when she explained to Ray about her/Her boss Kelvin relationship. I actually felt happy for Fala that she now has a boyfriend...but the sad thing is that it seems like they have to go out secretly alot for her boyfriends' mom not to find out..[I dont get why tho??] but yeah...Anyways the drama seems really good. Moses/ Tavia relationship is getting more and more cuter.. I love the way now that Tavia Mos' assistant or personal assistant[?] Seems like she able to control Moses alot now..(haha that so sweet..) but yeah..seeing that their relationship is going quite well I feel happy =) For Raymond/Linda, not much screentime went on for them except the episode 9 which showed alot of their screentime but aside from that their doing pretty well...though, Im still waiting for Bosco character to show up...I wonder how it will be like for the 3 of them [thinks to self]....but yeah...hopefully it all good.

When A Dog Loves A Cat

On that note...the drama WADLAC...I practically skipped some episodes..didn't really quite like the show much..not much action or drama...mainly talks about the dogs/cats which is a bit boring...though I got to say...Gallen and Myolie character are really nice...though I see them much as siblings then lovers...but all in all it was good =) The pets were cute too =)
[drama terminated from me seeing lost track of it....]

Legend Of Demi Gods

I am waiting for this drama to air soon. Cant wait for it..from the previews and song, I really loved it..cant wait to see how Linda acts and the magic and schemes Halina tries to pull off toward Benny, Sunny & Linda. ahhaha..but yeah..hopefully it will be good. =) So far I love the subsong of Swear. Linda sang it real nice and sweet too..good tuning as well =) Support Linda =) but yeah. Anyways hopefully it will be a good will be aired August 25th. Linda role is a Magical Girl with magical powers who goes through alot to save her family..Benny is the big kid on the block guy who has the strength of a rock. The townsmen fears him..but when things get a little messed up, the townsmen people would play tricks back on him..(haha) Whereas Sunny is the sleepy head guy, he been cursed with a spell to fall asleep alot but he tries his best to beat the evil cursor who gave him the curse and with a help from his magical old rusted sword he join forces with Linda and Benny and they all try to go againest the evil witch Halina and unbreak their curse/spells/save the townsmen and familys.

Beijing Olympics

The olympics was pretty good..I been seeing it for quite a while..Not much good stuff but so far I know is China & USA is somewhat in the lead..for USA I would like to congrat Micheal Phelps for winning 8 Gold Medals! [that a world record] for the Men Swimming team..The sports that got me looking most was Gymnastics. For that sport, I mainly rooted for China =) China did an awesome job keeping their balance and making a good comeback performance =) USA did pretty well too and they were able to win some medals as well. =) What I also liked most was the Opening Ceromony on August 8th. The ceromony was spectacular. I saw how many drummers, Performers, & Singers did so well [Claps] they were all excellent. I also liked the way they all performed by doing their stunts/the flags entering the 'Bird Nest' Stadium. It was counted that over 100 nations and olympics athletes from each nation came to represent their country =) It was swell...Can't wait for the closing ceromony coming on August 27th. haha but yeah Hopefully it be pretty good =)



August 17, 2008

MR (episode 14) ; Summer Vacation

Random Post today...
Haven't updated much lately cause lots of things has been going on..
I just finished watching MR of Episode 14. in Madarin Version...
It was a nice episode..though the episode revolved around Fala point of view..
It talked about Her and her experiences at work..
she spoke about her boss that they been going out for week..secretly..and that they had just started...
But every time they go out they would somewhat bump into the boss' mother and the Kelvin guy (boss) would always tell her that it only her co worker...
The part with how Kelvin would try to keep his paste up to her by reading sign language and learning about me got me a bit touched...
Overall..the episode was pretty okay...
not much to say bout the episode but to say Congrats to Fala lols...
so yeah..
On the other note...I myself have been okay..just been staying home a lot and doing nothing..
Schools about to start soon in few weeks and so far it okay....can't wait though for the school thing to least Ill have something to do over the days..=)
For some reason I feel like my Summer Vacation just started and that the fun is only beginning for me...
I ask myself why is that??..I always wait for last minute for the fun stuff to start....why?..why?..why??....but anyways hope something new happens for next summer and at least I try not to waste it...